7 out of This World Natural Pools Every Traveller Must Dive into ...

By Neecey

7 out of This World Natural Pools Every Traveller Must Dive into ...

Love swimming but not too fond of the ocean? Away from the gym or municipal swimming pool, you aren’t just restricted to sea swimming. The world has some gorgeous natural pools that just beckon you to come and take a dip. You might know of wonders like the Blue Grotto and the Mexican cenotes but get ready for some even more incredible natural pools that really shouldn’t be a secret …

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1 Giola – Greece

coast, cliff, shore, sea, body of water, This pool named Giola can be found on the coast of the Greek island of Thasis and is commonly referred to as Aphrodite’s Tear by locals. Greek legend has it that the pool was created by Zeus for his mistress, Aphrodite, and that he formed it in to the shape of an eye so that he could watch over her at all times. Giola is incredibly secluded and requires an adventurous off-road trip to get to, but once you are there it is so, so worth it!

2 Figure Eight Pools – Australia

nature, landform, geographical feature, body of water, water, Both bizarre and wonderful at the same time, these amazing figure eight-shaped pools can be found in the Royal National Park, south of Sydney, Australia. They look totally man made but the magical part is that they are entirely natural, only reachable via a complex hike through some serious bush land! Make sure to check the tide before searching for these pools, the ocean is close by and you don’t want to get caught out!

3 Hierve El Agua – Mexico

wilderness, vacation, badlands, landscape, mountain, Hierve El Agua is situated in Oaxaca, Mexico, a group of petrified mineral waterfalls that look exactly like Elsa from Frozen has got to them and stopped them in their tracks! This crazy optical illusion can be enjoyed from the warm water of the thermal pools that sit on top of the cliff, but make sure to get there early as the place can get incredibly busy during the day in high season.

4 Kravica – Croatia

nature, waterfall, body of water, water, tree, Croatia is full of many natural wonders, with some of the most wonderful being Kravica pool that is hidden away among fig and poplar trees. Filled with stunningly clear emerald water that flows in from the Trebizat river, a top tip is to try to explore behind the waterfalls and find hidden caves that make for great holiday adventure spots. Be careful of the moss though, this place can get slippery!

5 Hidden Beach – Mexico

nature, landform, green, grass, coast, This amazing find on the Mexican coast looks like something out of an epic novel: a small, hidden, perfect beach concealed below ground level in a perfectly formed crater. You can only reach this amazing hidden beach by swimming through a 40 foot tunnel that is only about six feet high, so this adventure is not one for the faint hearted, but it’s oh so worth it when you make it to the other side!

6 To Sua Ocean Trench – Samoa

river, jungle, stream, vehicle, rainforest, This should definitely be on your bucket list when visiting Samoa. Referred to as the most magical swimming pool in the world, the To Sua Ocean Trench is a water filled grotto in a 98 foot deep hole that was formed when a huge volcano erupted. Again, watch out for changing tide with this one, you certainly don’t want to get caught out!

7 Havasu Falls – USA

landform, body of water, waterfall, river, water feature, The vivid turquoise water of the Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon are such a contrast to the orange and reds of the sandstone layers. There is one major catch if you want to visit this pool - just the matter of a simple 10-mile trek each way in the Arizona sun! Make sure to bring some hiking boots along with you!

I wanna see them all. Please share which would be top of your list.

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