Amazing Places to Have a Solo Trip of a Lifetime ...


Amazing Places to Have a Solo Trip of a Lifetime ...
Amazing Places to Have a Solo Trip of a Lifetime ...

There are some truly amazing places for solo travel. Going on vacation with family and friends is obviously something that we all love to do, but do you ever get the urge to seize the day and go on a solo adventure of a lifetime? We all saw the transformative experience that Julia Roberts’ character had in Eat, Pray, Love, and if she can do it, why can’t you? It takes some courage to make the decision to go travelling by yourself, especially, unfortunately, if you are a woman. There are lots of things to consider, but hopefully you come out on the side of the argument that says it’s totally worth it. Here are some amazing places for an unforgettable solo trip of a lifetime.

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Get down with Gaudi in Barcelona, Spain

landmark, historic site, sky, building, arch, Barcelona is one of the best cities in the entire world for people watching, which guarantees that you will never get bored on your own! The quaint streets are lined with cafes where you can sit back and enjoy a lazy afternoon, and the dozens of galleries and museums are a haven for a solo traveller who wants to spend some time soaking up the Catalan culture in solitary peace.


Find Hygge in Copenhagen, Denmark

waterway, water, reflection, water transportation, canal, With it's laid-back "hygge" lifestyle, beautiful waterfronts and stunning classical architecture, Copenhagen is such a feast for the eyes that you wouldn’t have any time to interact with a companion anyway! The Danish city is also great to do on a budget with lots of clean but cheap hostels, and with the popularity of push bikes around the city, the price and ease of access make it a great solo travel spot.


Admire the Pearl of the Adriatic - Dubrovnik, Croatia

alley, town, street, road, urban area, Dubrovnik is a great place for solo travel with so many things to see and do. From visiting islands by ferry to going sea kayaking around the bay, the city offers lots of visually stimulating opportunities. The only partner you need to make sure that you have by your side is your camera!


Find Some Respite in Rajasthan, India

sky, ruins, arch, ancient history, archaeological site, If you are looking for a spot of solo spiritual travel, then look no further than Rajasthan. The Indian city is famed for its incredible hospitality, so you will feel very safe travelling solo there. It is filled with old temples, forts and palaces, and after a long day’s sightseeing you will be treated to some of the best Asian food in the world.


Enjoy Serenity and Peace in Sri Lanka

coastal and oceanic landforms, sky, water transportation, shore, boat, The entire country of Sri Lanka is so stimulating and inspiring that you won’t even have time to remember that you are travelling by yourself. The predominantly Buddhist country is home to some of the friendliest locals in the world, and you will be awe struck by the religious relics, temples and trekking mountains that await you.


Enjoy the Craic in Ireland

coast, coastal and oceanic landforms, cliff, headland, sea, Ireland is another country where the locals embrace visitors with open arms. The place feels custom made for solo travel. Not too big, not scary at all, and there is a pub or bar with a pint of Guinness waiting for you whenever you feel like you need a little nourishment!


Go Wild in Kenya

cheetah, terrestrial animal, wildlife, mammal, small to medium sized cats, Kenya provides some of the best safari experiences in the world, and when you are lost in the beauty of nature like that, there is absolutely no need to have a travelling companion there to distract you. Who needs a human friend when you can make hundreds of stunning animals friends along the way?

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