Eat Pray Love in These Aww-Inspiring Destinations ...


Eat Pray Love in These Aww-Inspiring Destinations ...
Eat Pray Love in These Aww-Inspiring Destinations ...

In Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert gives us not just a story but a journey many of us dream of making ourselves. Finding the time to connect with ourselves is something we should all make time for and traveling solo is fantastic therapy for your soul. If you’re thinking of a journey of self- discovery and personal growth these are the destinations that should be on your hit list.

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Paris – France

Arc de Triomphe, advertising, Does this magical city really need an explanation? Amazing cuisine, amazing culture, amazing architecture, amazing everything! Of course, the best way to view Paris is to see it from the top of the Eiffel Tower, but there are more quaint locations to visit too and don’t miss out on the exciting Latin Quarter.


Copenhagen – Denmark

bicycle, road bicycle, vehicle, cycling, sports equipment, Copenhagen is a city that seems as though it was designed specifically to make your Instagram feed pop! Not only does it look beautiful, but it also has a reputation for having some of the friendliest locals on earth, which makes it an ideal location to travel to if you are a solo female adventurer. Great food, great company, great scenery!


Taipei – Taiwan

color, leisure, hammock, play, inflatable, Taipei is city that is full of culture, with places like the National Palace Museum and the natural beauty of Elephant Mountain to visit. The eating part of Eat, Pray, Love can definitely be ticked off the list here, as the city is known for having some of the very best street food vendors in the entire world. This isn’t your average sidewalk hotdog; it’s much, much more!


Prague – Czech Republic

clothing, blue, dress, footwear, fashion, Prague isn’t mentioned as often as places like London or Paris, but it is definitely on par in terms of being a European gem that has so much to offer. With some of the best beers in the world and a relaxed, mature drinking culture, you can enjoy some of the finer things in life here without having to worry about getting your evening ruined by a bunch of drunken idiots!


Dublin – Ireland

color, road, clothing, street, snapshot, It’s fair to say that Dublin has something of a mystical, magical quality to it: a city rich in history that boasts as many historical sites as it does nightlife spots! From the Little Museum of Dublin to the must visit Guinness Storehouse, you can sample the whole range of Irish life and find your craic in this amazing city.


Nashville – Tennessee

clothing, coat, footwear, outerwear, pattern, Nashville has seen a return to popularity in recent years, with a vibrant music scene to rival anywhere else in the entire world. You can spend an entire weekend moving from one honky-tonk bar to another, meeting new people and making new memories with each new location!


Amsterdam - the Netherlands

footwear, clothing, road, street, winter, Many people just think of Amsterdam as offering one particular experience, and of course, those elements are there if you seek them out, but the side of Amsterdam that isn’t always talked about is the stunning architecture and the rich history including things like the original Anne Frank house, a jointly chilling and inspiring place to visit.


Bergen – Norway

wilderness, coast, sea, mountain, lake, Norway might not be on everyone’s bucket list to visit, but the city of Bergan is truly one of a kind. It is one of the safest cities on earth, which will appeal to solo female travelers, and it is also a perfect spot to set up if you are interested in witnessing the natural wonder that is the Northern Lights, something that if seen, can never be forgotten!


Santiago – Chile

color, red, clothing, pink, dress, If you want somewhere a little faster paced, then Santiago in Chile could be the place for you. It’s one of the safest large cities in South American and boasts a vibrant and lively nightlife scene along with things to do in the day like the zoo, botanical gardens and several interesting museums.


Hong Kong – China

floristry, shopping, flower, retail, midnight, There is no doubt that Hong Kong is a huge trip to make, but once you are there, the stress of travel will melt away! Almost like an Asian version of New York City, there are different districts that all have their own individual style and culture, and there is no doubt that you will be able to enjoy some of the best food in the world in Hong Kong!


Boracay – Philippines

image, vacation, muscle, sun tanning, sea, You know that Belinda Carlisle song, Heaven Is A Place On Earth? Well it could be a safe bet that she was actually singing about Boracay! If pristine white sand beaches and crystal clear ocean waters are what you are looking for, then you need to head over to the Philippines because there is nowhere else quite like this place.


Verona – Italy

clothing, lingerie, undergarment, lady, beauty, Fan of Shakespeare? Why not visit the Italian destination that was the setting for one of his most beloved plays, Romeo and Juliet. You can do things like visit ‘Juliet’s balcony’, which will give you the chance to take some holiday snaps that can’t be replicated anywhere else in the world!


Sedona – Arizona

clothing, image, swimwear, photography, beauty, If you prefer to stay Stateside for your adventures, then Sedona is a wonderful suggestion. There are few places on earth that can rival the stunning natural rock structures and landscape scenery of this Arizona destination, making for some breathtaking holiday snaps and an environment for crystal clear contemplation.


Edinburgh – Scotland

road, clothing, street, snapshot, footwear, Edinburgh provides a great mixture of traditional and modern Scottish culture, with plenty of amazing architecture to feast your eyes upon combined with a contemporary nightlife. Visit in the summer/fall to enjoy the three-month long Fringe Festival, a celebration of comedy and theatre.


Stockholm – Sweden

white, black, clothing, blue, snapshot, With candy-colored buildings and cobblestone streets, Stockholm is a traveling photographer’s dream city. It is effortlessly quaint but offers all of the modern necessities that tourists in 2016 desire. Also, it’s a great opportunity to pay homage to ABBA in their home country!


Oahu – Hawaii

nature, tree, grass, vacation, meadow, Happiness is simply a way of life in Oahu. What could possibly turn a smile in to a frown in this heavenly place? With guaranteed sun almost every day, beaches to lay on and mountains to explore, you will never, ever, want to leave, and cheap accommodation makes that dream an actual possibility!


Lisbon – Portugal

vehicle, land vehicle, transport, tram, cable car, Don’t make the mistake of thinking that Portugal is just like Spain; the two countries have totally different feels! Lisbon is a city full of culture and history that boasts amazing brightly tiled buildings, wonderful winding streets and convenient yellow trams to take you from one pretty sight to the next.


Sololá – Guatemala

flower, flower arranging, floristry, floral design, spring, The unreal sight of the majestic Lake Atitlan alone is enough to make Solala a name on your travel bucket list. This place is a real backpacker’s heaven with bustling market places and opportunities to witness things like tree planting ceremonies and Mayan fire healing rituals.


Quepos – Costa Rica

leisure, vacation, agriculture, sea, Another place on this earth that you will struggle to believe isn’t just something made up in your wildest dreams! Stretches of perfect sand beach accompanied by crystal clear waters, what better environment is there to lay back and contemplate the meaning of life? With a pina colada, of course, that goes without saying!

Do not underestimate the value a solo trip will bring to your life. It’s something every woman should do once in their lifetime.

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