Cheapest πŸ’Έ Travel Destinations πŸ—Ί for 2017 to Book πŸ“Œ Now!

Travel to far off places need not be a dream. If you are savvy with your booking and savvy in your choices, there are some amazing places that cost less than $50 a day. Yes, it does take effort in finding the cheapest flight. Yes, you will have to extensively research hostels (always way cheaper than hotels). And yes, you might have to go off season, but it is all paid back when you explore and enjoy a place you’ve long dreamt about. These are the destinations to consider for 2017

1. Fabulous Fiji

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It’s hard to believe that such a paradise is so inexpensive, but Fiji is well known for being one of the cheapest luxury holiday destinations in the world. You can find cheap flights and accommodation, and then you also get a lot for your money when you are there at the open-air markets and amazing restaurants!

2. Charismatic Cambodia

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Cambodia is home to some of the world’s most beautiful historical sites, from the ruins of ancient cities and stunningly preserved temples. The temple of Angkor Wat in particular is something that you will never forget visiting. Take a visit to an elephant sanctuary and spend some time with gentle giants!

3. Perfect Portugal

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Portugal is about as cheap as you will get anywhere in Western Europe, and it’s super value for money considering the amount of amazing architecture to experience along with one, or two, or three brilliant wine tasting trips that the country is famous for!

4. Palatial Peru

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Peru has long been a favorite of backpackers who want to have an unbelievable experience for a cheap price, and it continues to provide extraordinary value for money! Following the Inca trail to Machu Picchu is one of the most amazing things anybody can hope to do.

5. Charming China

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The world’s most populous country is literally bursting at the seams with amazing potential experiences for travelers, and all for much cheaper than you might imagine! You can visit things like the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and the Terracotta Army for a pleasing price!

6. Sensational South Korea

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South Korea is another example of an affordable country that will give you a completely unique and memorable travel experience. The city of Seoul is unlike any other, and you absolutely must try the traditional Korean BBQ food and visit the stunning Buddhist temples.

7. Inspiring India

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You would be hard pushed to visit a country with more iconic sights than India, and thankfully you can do it with a sensible budget. You need to visit the Taj Mahal as soon as possible, as there are strong rumors that they may be closing it down to the public!

8. Beautiful Bulgaria

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Another hidden gem of a country in Europe that doesn’t cost the earth to visit. You may not know a lot about Bulgaria right now, but you will be captivated by the beautiful, quaint cities, with more than a few iconic monasteries to visit and take in their splendor.

9. Gorgeous Greece

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Greece has had some tough economic times of late, but thanks to the natural beauty of the country their tourism industry has never faltered. The draw of sites like Athens with its rich and varied history is unstoppable, especially when it’s so affordable to go!

10. Terrific Thailand

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In recent years Thailand has become one of the most popular holiday destination for backpackers on a budget and holidaymakers looking for affordable luxury. You can find a super touristy area or you can venture off the beaten track; Thailand really has something for everybody.

Bonus choice

11. Budget Britain

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If you’re looking to get away early in 2017 and have always wanted to see the UK, timing couldn’t be more perfect. Thanks to Brexit the pound/dollar rate is so great for US travelers right now. Even if the pound gets stronger, it is going to take a good few months to recover so early spring is an ideal time to indulge your anglophile passions. No matter which country of the UK you choose, it’s a fabulous destination.

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