19 Awesome Destinations for Girls Who Love Winter Sports ...

By Neecey

19 Awesome Destinations  for Girls Who Love  Winter Sports  ...

Your view of winter sports may be limited to skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and maybe the odd one you might have caught on the Winter Olympics or through some other means. Actually, there is quite a range of exciting winter sports and some brilliantly gorgeous locations in which to do them. If you want to try something adventurous amidst beautiful scenery, this list will get your juices flowing.

1 Finland - the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are one of the world’s most enduring and endearing natural beauties, and Finland in particular is renowned for being able to provide amazing holiday experiences that incorporate wintery luxury with chasing a sight of the iconic phenomena.

2 USA - the White Wild West!

Daily flights into Salt Lake City from around the USA (and other global locations) make Jackson Hole in Wyoming an easy place to visit, and once you are there you can enjoy some of the very best skiing that the country has to offer, from beginner all the way through to expert!

3 Switzerland - James Bond Experience

The amazing mountains of Switzerland play host to an incredible James Bond adventure experience where guests get to live out their 007 fantasies with helicopter simulators and an exhilarating black-run descent!

4 Italy - Family Skiing

The Champoluc resort in the Aosta Valley is a perfect place for the whole family to enjoy some skiing, with plenty of schools for children and adults alike to allow you to get the full experience.

5 Canada - High Speed Sledding

If skiing isn’t really your thing, then perhaps you might like to try a spot of high speed sledding laying face down on a tea tray at the famous Whistler Sliding Centre in British Colombia! It’s a once in a lifetime thrill.

6 France - Val D’Isere

Val d’Isere is probably France’s most popular skiing resort, and thanks to a recent £13m renovation, there has never been a better time to visit to enjoy some of the best winter sports experiences anywhere in the world.

7 Antarctica - the Ultimate Adventure

A trip across Antarctica is a once in a lifetime kind of opportunity, and you can take a 29 day journey that takes you past iconic locations like Drake’s Passage where you can take in all of the stunning, untouched scenery.

8 France - Snooc Riding

A Snooc is a new invention that involves walking skis uphill and an awesome toboggan going downhill! Le Grand Borand in France in one of the first resorts to offer this fun new sport.

9 Canada - Baseboarding

Back to Whistler for this one. Baseboarding is very similar to body boarding, except instead of surfing the waves, you are a cruising down pristine white mountain sides! Not one for the faint hearted!

10 Norway - Ice Music Festival

If you are in Norway, take some time off from the punishing ski slopes and enjoy some music at the annual Ice Music Festival in the Geilo resort. Many of the instruments used are actually made of ice!

11 Iceland - Glacier Hiking

Of all the things Iceland has to offer, its stunning glaciers are at the top of the list. You can enjoy a life-changing hike through this scenery that at times looks like something from a completely different planet.

12 Switzerland - Fat Biking

Riding your bike in the snow and ice is often a dangerous thing at home, but not in Lenzerheide, Switzerland where bikes with super fat tires allow you to traverse the landscape without fear of falling off!

13 Italy - Snowshoeing

In Alta Badia, Italy, one of the most popular things to do is snowshoeing, a form of hiking with modified boots that allows you to explore some of the more snow-covered landscapes without having to worry about your footing!

14 Switzerland - Winter Kayaking

Get away from the white of the snow and enjoy the crystal blue of winters waters by kayaking on Lake Brienz in Switzerland. It’s one of the most peaceful activities in the entire world.

15 France - Dog Sledding

If you too think dogs are a man’s best friend, then head over to the French Pyrenees where you can lead your very own team of eager huskies who love nothing more than to run around in the snow and take you on a breathtaking journey!

16 Austria - Ice Karting

Driving on ice is usually a bad idea, but not in Saalbach, Austria where whizzing around on special go-karts designed for the slippery surfaces are the number one activity on the agenda!

17 Italy - Hot Air Ballooning

In Italy you can get your feet off of the ground and take a stunning hot air balloon ride over the Dolomites. You will be surprised just how different the wintery world looks when you are hundreds of feet above it.

18 Europe - Secret Destination

If you like to let yourself go and be guided blind, then this Secret Destination trip by Ski Weekend could be for you. You pay for the holiday, but the trips are a surprise to you, dictated by levels of snowfall across Europe!

19 Switzerland - Ultimate Spa Experience

After a hard day’s play on the slopes, you need something to help you relax, and there is nowhere better than the Tschuggen Grand Hotel in Arosa, filled with pools and treatments rooms over four storeys and 5000 square meters!

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