10 Trips to Take before You Die


10 Trips to Take before You Die
10 Trips to Take before You Die

The recent movie “Bucket List” brought focus to the idea of making a list of things to do before you die. Those who love to travel will surely appreciate the following bucket list suggesting 10 trips to take before you leave this Earth. Note that these are just my own suggestions... there are so many more places to visit!

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The Grand Canyon, Arizona

Nothing puts human life into perspective any better than the Grand Canyon. This glory of nature is fascinating; it reveals many a geological secret while providing one of the most magnificent views on the planet. Whether you float the Colorado or merely look over the edge, the Grand Canyon is a must to see.


New York City

A visit to New York City reminds us of the diversity of our country. A walk in Central Park reminds us of our humanity and how we relate to nature. A look at the Manhattan skyline on a clear day will forever be etched in your memory.


Washington D.C

The capital of our country is a wonderful place. Here we can look at our government in operation. Plan on spending a few days perusing the Smithsonian where you will be fascinated by historical artifacts, mummies, the Hope Diamond and virtually any other thing you can imagine.


Gettysburg Battlefield, Pennsylvania

Perhaps more than any other Civil War battlefield, Gettysburg inspires deep introspection. Start your tour at the Interpretive Center where you can learn all the facts about this decisive battle. As you wander on the battlefield itself you will be amazed at the area this battle covered. You can almost hear the cannons and smell the smoke. It is simply awesome.


Blue Ridge Parkway

As you travel along the BRP you cannot help but admire the pioneers who settled the land so long ago. It is a trip with plenty of scenery to appreciate; hardwood forests, flaming azaleas and wild rhododendrons are everywhere. At trip along the BRP is like a trip back in time.


The Ocean

A trip to the ocean (either the Pacific or Atlantic) is good for the soul. As you watch the waves come ashore you realize that we are only a speck relative to infinity. Play in the water, build a sand castle, relax and take in some sun; the ocean refreshes your soul.


San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio is a city of fiestas, great food, colorful landscaping and historical events. It deeply reflects its Spanish/Mexican roots.


Seattle, Washington

The Pacific Northwest is a very diverse area with farmlands, mountains, grazing lands and great cities. Seattle is an ultra-modern city well known for its progressive attitude. It is on the Puget Sound, a gorgeous waterway full of islands and fish. Seattle is a recreational paradise.



No other tropical destination is as delightful as Hawaii. You will be dazzled by pristine beaches, gorgeous plant life, turquoise seas, bustling cities and rural life unmatched in the US.


Los Angeles, California

L.A. is a diverse city that never sleeps. If you like to be where the action is, downtown LA is the place to be. The warm climate allows for outdoor activities year round. As the center of the entertainment industry it is exciting and vibrant. There are plenty of learning and cultural opportunities to take advantage of in this great city.

This list only includes a few suggestions, but your options are truly limitless! Just look at a map... right? What trips do you dream of taking?

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