Bestie Vacay Destinations in the US for Girls Looking for an Amazing Getaway ...


Bestie Vacay Destinations in the US for Girls Looking for an Amazing Getaway ...
Bestie Vacay Destinations in the US for Girls Looking for an Amazing Getaway ...

Thinking of taking a trip with your besties? Looking for somewhere with plenty to do day and night? A city for some urban delights? A beach to bum around on? Some spa pampering or some cocktail indulgence? Whatever your preference, the US has some fabulous destinations for a girlfriend getaway.

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New York City

skyline, image, skyscraper, city, human settlement, From Broadway to shopping to amazing food and even more amazing tourist attractions, it’s not difficult to see why New York would be the top of any list of bestie vacation destinations! The potential for iconic selfies and ussies alone should make it an absolute must visit!


Nashville, Tennessee

tree, house, building, autumn, season, We all love a good party every once in a while, and Nashville is a beating heart of musical fun that will have you and your bestie swaying on your feet until the early hours of the morning. There are so many karaoke bars to choose from!


Miami, Florida

clothing, human positions, swimwear, beauty, leg, All you need to do is give Will Smith’s famous song a listen through to see why Miami is definitely the place to be! From sun-drenched beaches to bouncing nightclubs, you can relax in the day and party all night until the break of dawn with your BFF!


Denver, Colorado

mountainous landforms, wilderness, mountain, vacation, walking, Denver is the perfect place to visit if you and your bestie are outdoorsy people who want to take part in things like kayaking, hiking and mountain biking. There isn’t a much better place to experience all of these things!


Santa Barbara, California

coast, nature, shore, sea, geographical feature, Santa Barbara is a wonderful place to base yourself on a bestie vacation because it gives you the perfect mixture of luxurious relaxation, an exciting party city vibe and, of course, a chance to head to win country for some much needed and much loved tasting sessions!


Sedona, Arizona

geographical feature, landform, wilderness, rock, canyon, There really is nowhere else in the States quite like Sedona. You can escape in to the desert with your bestie and indulge in a truly luxurious pampering weekend, with some of the country’s best spa resorts being tucked away in the picturesque mountains.


Palm Springs, California

leisure, swimming pool, water park, vacation, amusement park, If you are the exact opposite of an extreme sport seeker, then take it easy with your best friend as you lay back and soak up the sun at just one of the many luxury hotels that can be found in the stunning Palm Springs!


Charleston, South Carolina

fountain, water feature, lighting, food, Visit Charleston if you are looking for a more relaxed and quaint getaway with your bestie. You can roam the cobblestone streets and experience some of that legendary Southern charm that people are always talking about!


Nantucket, Massachusetts

sky, house, residential area, estate, evening, It sounds like it should be a remote island of the coast of Thailand, but Nantucket is much easier to get to than that! Just off of Cape Cod, the place has a distinctly cosy vibe that would perfectly suit a pair of besties looking to have picturesque and relaxed time.


Chicago, Illinois

Cloud Gate, landmark, dome, city, architecture, The Windy City has so much to offer, from exquisite museums to stunning architecture to some famous deep-dish pizza experiences! Culture and cuisine, what more could you want?


Austin, Texas

metropolitan area, skyline, transport, overpass, city, Austin has slowly been making it’s way up the ladder of coolest cities in the US, with some saying it’s Texas’ best kept secret. The city has a really interesting and eclectic culture that really has to be experienced first hand.


Savannah, Georgia

habitat, nature, tree, plant, botany, Another destination if you are your bestie are looking for a trip way from the hustle and bustle to enjoy a slice of Southern hospitality. Full of historic parks and beautiful squares, you will definitely fall in love with Savannah.


New Orleans, Louisiana

color, green, muscle, fashion, leg, New Orleans is absolutely the place to be if you want to party like you have never partied before. Not to mention, some of the local food there is the best that you will find anywhere in the country!


Seattle, Washington

skyline, cityscape, city, horizon, atmospheric phenomenon, There’s a special vibe to this city and it isn’t just because it’s caffeine-fuelled. There’s an artsy side to this city that just brings out a girl’s boho tendencies. Be sure to check out the microbreweries as well as the coffee chops.


San Francisco, California

clothing, fashion, photo shoot, leather, model, It’s hard to believe that such a laid back city is in the same state as mad, bad LA. San Fran will bring out the peaceful hippie in all of us with some world class dining and shopping thrown in!


Honolulu, Hawaii

sky, sunset, tree, horizon, cloud, Magnificent sunsets, palm trees and mai tais. What more could a girl want. The stunning Hawaiian Islands offer so much when it comes to a beach vacation.


Las Vegas, Nevada

skyline, landmark, city, human settlement, tower, The city that’s so bright that even at night you need your sunnies! Sure there’s the casinos but this is a place of fabulous hotels (take a gondola ride to go shopping in The Venetian!), brilliant food deals and wonderful shows.

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