Travel Fanatics Will Go Crazy over These Fabulous Jobs ...


Travel Fanatics Will Go Crazy over These Fabulous Jobs ...
Travel Fanatics Will Go Crazy over These Fabulous Jobs ...

If you love to travel you can probably never get away often enough unless you schlep around the world like a nomadic wanderer. How sustainable is that? Not forever, really. Trips are expensive – which is why we look forward to our vacations so much. But how about a job where you travel - a lot?

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Share Your Creativity as a Freelance Writer/Photographer

Wall Street, New York City, watch, tachometer, gauge, You can turn any passion you have into a career as a freelance writer, whether it’s travel, music or films, or your skill as an amateur photographer. Put your name out there by submitting articles to relevant publications to see if you get any traction, you can start to make a name for yourself! I found this when researching this article


Utilize Your Language Skills as an English Teacher

cartoon, person, comics, clip art, You have a huge advantage being an English speaker. The language is common around the world and there is always a need for confident people to travel to different countries and share their language skills to teach others.


Help to save Lives as a Travel Nurse

clothing, hair, hairstyle, girl, glasses, The fact is that there are lots of children and adults around the world who desperately need health care professionals to give them care and treatment. If you are a qualified nurse, you can broaden your horizons by working abroad.


Make Traveling Your Business as a Travel Agent

eyewear, vision care, sunglasses, glasses, eye glass accessory, If you want to be a successful travel agent, then a lot of firsthand experience is required with regards to visiting the places that you might recommend to customers. It’s a great way to get paid for staying in great locations!


Share Your Cultural Knowledge as a Tour Guide

person, blond, woman, finger, Now, If you like to travel from country to country and stay for a few months before moving on to your next adventure, you can make some money by sharing your passion for your location by being a tour guide for the briefer-stay tourists.


Commit to Your Country by Joining the Navy

album cover, book, Navy, Die!!!, Sure, this option is super out-there, but when you really think about it, being part of the Navy is a sure fire way to spark a career while at the same time being able to visit lots of different foreign destinations.


Be More Relaxed on the Seas as a Yacht Sailor

vehicle, boat, mode of transport, sailboat, watercraft, If you love the idea of the water but not the idea of joining the Navy, then perhaps being part of yacht crew might suit you better. You get to sail the seven seas without the pressure of fighting for your country being a factor!


Work on the Waves as Part of a Cruise Ship Team

art, performing arts, musician, film, mon,a, Lots of would be travelers pick up jobs on cruise ships to away out of the mundane 9-5 office life. You could work as part of the crew, work in the kitchens, be a customer service rep, or even part of the entertainment team. On a huge cruise ship, the opportunities are endless!


Show Your Caring Side as an Au Pair or Nanny

person, woman, art, modern art, painting, The fact is that there will always be families who want to hire au pairs; no matter what country you visit. You can make a really comfortable living by looking after children in a foreign country, and it’s a skill you can use anywhere in the world.


Live a Simple but Fulfilling Life as a WWOOFer

mural, dragon, This job doesn’t actually pay, but the beauty of it is by going to farms all over the world and being given bed and board in exchange for your agricultural work. You won’t build up a bank balance, but you will be completely fulfilled by your work.


Make a Difference as a Member of the Peace Corps

person, SETING, Though the pay isn’t much, you do get great perks like full health insurance and full student loan deferrals. The Peace Corps is a great opportunity for those who want to volunteer abroad.


Be Helpful and Travel as a Flight Attendant

airplane, aircraft, vehicle, flight, airline, If you are somebody who excels at face-to-face customer service, then why not incorporate it with long distance travel as a flight attendant? Sure, you have to serve a lot of people in a confined space, but you also get to visit all the destinations that they are travelling to!
Visit job boards or individual airlines’ recruitment pages


Share Your Language Skills as a Translator or Interpreter

gadget, mobile device, document, smartphone, mobile phone, If you are a person who is blessed with knowing more than one language, then you can make the most of your skills by travelling between countries and acting as an interpreter or translator for businessmen and women. Some positions require advanced qualifications, such as a Master’s Degree in Conference Interpretation.
Government agencies are a good place to start.


Share Your Religion as a Missionary

Boo Squad, anime, comics, THAT'S, THE, If you are of the Christian faith, then you can utilize your faith with traveling opportunities by becoming a missionary and going to provide humanitarian services in all corners of the world.
Search online for opportunities. Qualifying criteria differs among churches.


Cash in on Your Love of Music as an Ethnomusicologist

, Ethnomusicology is the study of music from other countries and cultures, so if music is your passion this could be the absolute dream career for you. A lot of studying is required, but if this kind of thing is your goal then it’s definitely worth it!


Sell Holidays by Being a Timeshare Rep

person, profession, gentleman, BUDDY, YOU, Timeshare enjoys a much better reputation these days than 10-15 years ago. If you are a good communicator, enjoy being with different people and have some sales skills you could sell timeshare in locations all over the world.


Work Your Way around the World Doing Seasonal Jobs

black, white, water, black and white, sea, If you want to travel, earn money, but are not looking for a career, there are plenty of opportunities in all sorts of fields. From grape picking to bar work to summer camps, from chalet girl to nightclub hostess, you can go where the work is, season by season.
Search job boards and on location.


Share Your Sporting Skills by Teaching Holidaymakers

surfing, sports, bodyboarding, rrNAMEIS, JAC, If you’re a qualified and certified instructor in some kind of sport or fitness activity, there’s a world of opportunities. You can work in gorgeous beach locations teaching diving or other watersports, or you can put your fitness or yoga trainer expertise to use at health resorts and spas.
Search job boards and locations


Put Your Qualifications to Use

soldier, camera operator, DOUXEITUMBLR, Many careers might have opportunities you never considered. Think about jobs like geologists, geophysicists, marine biologists, conservationists, any scientific research, even IT – they might all present major travel options. My Brother-in-Law is an IT specialist and he’s been to 18 countries in less than 3 years. So you don’t always have to think down the traditional travel job route. And don’t forget, if you are trained and qualified in any beauty related field, think of how many health and spa resorts there are around the world.
Search job boards and locations

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