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8 Brilliant Travel Jobs ...

By Neecey

Travel jobs are the ideal for anyone who loves to see new places and meet new people. You’ve got to be pretty outgoing to work in travel because there are very few travel jobs that do not involve dealing with members of the public. So, if you like people, want to see the world, experience different cultures and do work that makes you happy, here are 7 Brilliant Travel Jobs:

1 Travelling Scuba Instructor

Becoming a professional Scuba Instructor is a lot easier than you may think! There are online courses which you can complete to start on your journey to becoming a travelling instructor. You will need to be brave though – you might well find yourself swimming with sharks that are larger than your car, or going to depths that you would never dream of. Not only are you able to see some of nature’s most beautiful sights, you’ll also be able to meet some great new people along the way.

2 Travel Show Host

Getting into the television and radio industry is never easy, but a travel job that I think we’d all enjoy is globe-trotting for a living, while speaking into a camera or microphone. Being a travel show host will not only mean that you get paid to travel, but will allow you to experience what it’s really like to visit a country; you’ll stop being a tourist, but will become a local for the amount of time you are in a particular country. If you are really interested in starting this career, then start writing immediately: become an online writer about travel, and maybe start an adventure blog to show your passion.

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3 Boat Captain

If there’s one thing that tourists love, it’s going on a sea journey while on holiday. A boat captain is one of the jobs in travel that I’d really love – being paid to show tourists around local islands in the Caribbean or Mediterranean simply is a job worth having. Let’s face it, it beats sitting at a desk! You might choose to be a boat operator who drops off visitors on island hopping tours or, you can put your love of sailing to use and be part of a charter crew.

4 Travelling Photographer

Those who have a passion and skill for photography are in high demand nowadays, as we live in the visual era. Television and the Internet demand images of beautiful places, so being paid to photograph some of the prettiest places in the world can be a dream travel job for a budding photographer. While magazines may not be as popular as they once were, blogs and social media are – find new ways to break into the market, and you might find yourself travelling around the world in no time.

5 Cruise Expedition Leader

Cruise holidays are gaining in popularity as more and more people want to see an increasing amount of the world we live in. If you want to get paid to join them (but don’t mind spending most of your year on a ship) then being an expedition leader could be the right career in travel for you. There are no formal qualifications that you need, although knowing a few languages and having knowledge of local areas is vital for a successful expedition leader.

6 Travel Blogger

I touched on this travel job a little earlier, but the world of the Internet seems to know no bounds when it comes to jobs. Blogging has become a profession for thousands of people, many of which make their money out of travelling across the world to bring stories and images to people sitting at home. Find a niche market and stick with it. Making ends meet at the beginning of your career may be difficult, but in the end you will find the target audience that suits you.

7 Safari Guide

If you love animals, becoming a safari guide is among the ideal travel jobs. While you may not find yourself seeing as much of the world as other jobs listed here, you will get to meet fantastic people and see some beautiful scenery depending on where you wish to live. This is a career where your passion needs to come to light, so make sure that you know what you’re talking about and are willing to share your knowledge and experience with others.

8 Resort Rep

The shine will never go off this job. It is still one of the most sought after travel jobs around the world. Yes you have to deal with stroppy customers at times, but this is a travel job truly at the coal face. You get to live in another country, immerse yourself in a whole new culture, and probably return home bi-lingual.

If you are sitting at home and dreaming of one of these travel jobs being yours in the future, I can only urge you to go and find out if you can do it. The jobs will not come to you – you will have to seek them out and show that you are passionate about a career in travel.

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