9 Exotic Destinations to Hit ...


9 Exotic Destinations to Hit ...
9 Exotic Destinations to Hit ...

Exotic Destinations are some of the best in the world to hit when you are going on vacation. I know that I have a ton of exotic destinations in mind when I finally have the time to start traveling. Below are just a few of the exotic destinations that I want to visit once I am totally rich (which is in able – sixty years when I retire).

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Marco Island

I have heard so many good things about this beautiful island. The beaches are absolutely breathtaking, the sand is as white as white can be and the hotels are awesome. The weather is constantly clear and sunny and the resorts are willing to do any and everything to make you comfortable. This definitely sounds like an exotic destination I'd want to stay at!



Very few people know that Honduras is actually an exotic destination that is cheap and beautiful. The beaches are all white and they actually have the second-longest coral reef in the world. Every hotel is eager and willing to make your stay enjoyable and beautiful – why don't we all go right now?



Are you looking to inhale some truly fresh and crisp air? Guatemala is one of the countries that is absolutely breathtaking, has some great cityscape and has some beautiful Spanish historical buildings. Guatemala is definitely on my bucket list!



If you are outdoorsy and looking for hiking trails, Peru is the top place for you to go. If you're a fashionista looking for a great sale, Peru is the place to go. This incredible exotic destination has something for everyone! The streets are beautiful, the people are friendly and the place is awesome.



In my office, I swear that every single girl has been to Aruba. One of my good friends is going to Aruba in just a few weeks and it's killing me! I've never been here, but – I am told that the beaches are unmatched, the food is so tasty and the shopping doesn't compare. What could be better?



Thailand is a place that I have always wanted to go ever since I was a little girl. It might be hot and humid, but it's got some of the best beaches in the world. The historic ruins, beautiful Buddhist temples and awesome food make this a beautiful destination all around!


Czech Republic

Are you looking for a little slice of heaven tucked away in the Eastern European area? Czech Republic is it. It's got everything from cobblestone streets to castles on hill crests. It's very English but in a different way.



Asian is always an exotic destination that has intrigued me. Indonesia, in particular is one of the few countries that I actually am dying to see. It's got an incredible culture, beautiful landscape and is one of the few countries that is actually a little on the cheaper side, so the dollar goes a very long way.



Egypt is one of the exotic destinations that my mother and grandmother have always wanted to travel to. The pyramids, the Nile, the beauty and all of the wonder that is captured in this incredible place. It's breathtaking here and with all of the discounts that you can find online – who knows, maybe I'll book my trip before I retire!

There are tons of different exotic destinations out there, but when you are planning a vacation, it can be hard to choose one. All of these exotic destinations are on my bucket list for sure. What about you ladies, what exotic destinations have you ever been to?

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I´ve been to Indonesia, Thailand, the Czech Republic, and Egypt, and I must say that they all were fantastic places to travel to, but the best of all the places I´ve ever travelled to is definitely Indonesia. I went to Bali, and there was so much to see, extraordinary beaches, the "buildings"(especially the mother temple was just amazing), the landscape and nature, and, of course, the wonderful food. Indonesia is really something.

I am from honduras and we have the "Islas de la bahia" those aree beautiful beaches

yes! Guatemala is a beautiful vacation spot i just went for summer vacation and the beaches there are way more beautiful than the ones here

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