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7 Satisfying but Highly Dangerous Travel Jobs ...

By Neecey

Many of us think of travel jobs as a dream career. Do you hanker after pushing a trolley down a plane aisle handing out drinks and nuts or maybe you want to be an entertainment director at an all-inclusive resort? Of course, there’s the tour guide and the resort rep or even working in a travel agency. There are however there are some very interesting and far from the run of the mill travel jobs that many of us certainly wouldn’t think about or even dream of existing. They certainly add a new dimension to what we think working in travel is. Granted these ways of making a living in the leisure industry might not be your cup of tea, but for those thrill seekers out there, you best get your application forms ready for these 7 Satisfying but Highly Dangerous Travel Jobs.

1 Guide to Death

Yungas Road outside of the Bolivian capital of La Paz is known as the “Road of Death”. Mountain bikers hurl themselves down 12,000 meters of a switchbacking dirt road with death defying drops presenting hazards all along the route. 200 people are killed doing this every year when their bikes plunge over a sheer drop, but a small team of guides still take great satisfaction in helping travelers who simply must take a ride down the “Road of Death”.

2 Nuclear Tour

Chernobyl’s meltdown was one of the most devastating nuclear accidents in history. This doesn’t stop some people from wanting to guide people around the radioactive zone, though. Chernobyl is a city which has stopped in time and it’s certainly a fascinating place to work. If it wasn’t for all that radiation and the eerie empty corridors of the abandoned complex, then acting as a tour guide in Chernobyl would be on everybody’s list of dream travel jobs, right?

3 Shepherding of the Bulls

One of the strangest travel jobs is acting as a shepherd for those crazy animals during the “Running of the Bulls” holiday in Pamplona, Spain each year. Basically your only duties would be to protect runners from the bulls with nothing but a long cane and your fleshy body. What could possibly go wrong here? You have to be mad enough to want to run with the bulls in the first place, the thought of trying to control them and running at the same time is madness.

4 Beer Delivery!

The fabulous Tatras Mountains in Slovakia are a wonderful place for a vacation – if you like beer. It’s favorite with trekkers and hikers who welcome the cold beer after they have made their weary way to the top of the rocky cliffs via treacherously steep footpaths but spare a thought to the poor old Beer Sherpas. They have to do the same journey, more than once a day, with 150 pounds of beer keg strapped to their backs. To add insult to injury this is one travel job where you don’t even get to enjoy the perks. The Sherpas are not allowed to sample their cargo!

5 Killer Whale Carer

If you have ever been to Orlando, Florida, then the chances are you have seen the fabulous shows with the whales and dolphins. Whilst the skills of these magnificent creatures are natural, they have to be honed and choreographed by human trainers for the delectation of the paying public – many of whom have traveled thousands of miles to enjoy the spectacle. The dangerous aspect of these travel jobs are that you are working with animals that have killed multiple humans already, so good luck with that.

6 Croc Alert!

One of the most widely available and popular travel jobs is that of being a guide in some form of visitor attraction and of these a great favorite is the added bonus of being able to work with animals. Does working with crocodiles, snakes and other reptiles grab your imagination? The Madras Crocodile Bank is famous for allowing tourists to get up close and personal with some of the most dangerous animals on the planet. Now imagine you are the trainer of these “little” critters. Your duties as a herpetologist would involve breaking up fighting animals, feeding them and entertaining “Psycho”, the man eating crocodile, with a long stick.

7 Slide of the Thrill Seeker

One of the most dangerous travel jobs, which doesn’t involve animals, is acting as an instructor on the fastest slide in the world. You do require some rather special qualifications for this job. All bobsled tours at the Whistler Sliding Center are led by ex-Olympic bobsledders or professional instructors. This track gained recent notoriety when an athlete was killed during a practice session for the 2010 Olympics. If you fancy teaching someone how to negotiate deadly bends whilst hurtling along at speeds of 85mph in a flimsy oversized metal can on runners, better get your running shoes on.

These satisfying but highly dangerous travel jobs are great if you are into exploring the world in a different way and don’t mind a huge adrenaline rush along with your pay packet. I guess some who long to work with visiting travelers would certainly see these different to shepherding people onto tour buses or dealing with an angry guest whose air conditioning unit isn’t working. I take no responsibility for any injuries you might sustain even thinking about these travel jobs, though. These are for the thrill seekers only. Will you be applying for any of these jobs any time soon?

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