The Most Romantic 😍 Islands in the World πŸ– to Visit with Your Love πŸ’‘ ...


What is it that makes islands so romantic?

Their natural beauty of cashmere-soft beaches, crystalline waters and gently swaying palm trees?

The abundance of activities from lolling on the beach to hiking volcanic mountains?

The delicious food from freshly caught fish to unusual fruits?

The laidback culture?

Well, actually now, seeing that, it’s obvious, yes?

Here are romantic islands to make your heart flutter.

1. Bora Bora

Bora Bora

This is a well-known paradise that is part of French Polynesia, famous for its crystal clear blue waters and lagoons that are unbelievable for snorkeling.

Kayaking is also a popular activity on the island, as overwater bungalows are the accommodation of choice for many visitors.

2. Santorini


This glorious Greek island is home to many of the country’s best vineyards, meaning that you will be in the right place if you enjoy a glass of wine or two!

Santorini is famous for its unusually colored beaches, one being white stones and the other being red due to the red rocks that surround it.

And don’t miss the sunsets over Oia.

3. Bali


Bali provided the β€˜love’ section of the book and movie Eat, Pray, Love, and you can feel like Julia Roberts too if you travel here and experience the sensational weather, the vibrant culture and the unbelievable cuisine.

4. Maldives


The Maldives is an island haven that is comprised of over 1000 separate landmasses, which gives you the opportunity to experience some truly private moments in a paradise setting.

The fusion of Mediterranean and Asian culture makes for stunning cuisine and a rich and intricate culture.

5. Moorea


Another island in the sought after location of French Polynesia, Moorea looks like something out of a fantasy movie with its dramatic volcanic peaks.

Its French-inspired cuisine is absolutely spectacular, as are the activities that the island offers like scuba diving, snorkeling and horse riding along the beaches.

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