7 Heart-shaped Islands Perfect for a Honeymoon ...


7 Heart-shaped Islands Perfect for a Honeymoon ...
7 Heart-shaped Islands Perfect for a Honeymoon ...

Heart-shaped islands must be the perfect destination for honeymoons. Really – nothing could be better matched than a holiday to celebrate your love than a place that is shaped like the symbol of love. Here’s proof positive that Mother Nature is a romantic, with a quick tour of some of the heart-shaped islands around our wonderful world.

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Makepeace Island, Australia

Makepeace Island, Australia If there’s one time in your life when you want to switch round the classic slogan and make love not peace, it’s here. One of the most obviously heart-shaped islands sits in Australia’s Noosa River on the Sunshine Coast. The island is Sir Richard Branson’s home down under and is a luxurious resort that can accommodate 22 guests. Enjoy the island’s facilities and also the gorgeous beaches nearby. Once called Pig Island – I’m so glad they changed the name.


Galesnjak Island, Croatia

Galesnjak Island, Croatia With a name that translates to Lover’s Island, Galesnjak enjoys a beautiful location in the Adriatic Sea. The small island is privately owned and uninhabited but visitors can enjoy the untouched beaches and azure blue waters. A stroll to the top of the highest peak on the island (36m above sea level) offers great views all around.


Galesnjak, often dubbed "the Island of Love," has captured the hearts of romantics worldwide, particularly after its heart shape was popularized by Google Earth. Despite its lack of facilities, its untouched natural beauty makes it an ideal destination for a picnic or a sun-soaked day together in seclusion. Boats can be easily rented for a trip to this charming islet, ensuring an intimate experience away from the hustle of typical tourist spots. Remember to pack necessities, as the island's untouched charm also means it lacks shops or restaurants, preserving its peaceful sanctity.


Tavarua, Fiji

Tavarua, Fiji As if the idea of a honeymoon isn’t romantic in itself, how about a heart-shaped Fijian island? Tavarua sits in the South Pacific, near to Fiji’s main island Viti Levu, surrounded by a coral reef. It’s another of the heart shaped islands that’s home to a luxurious resort. If you want an active honeymoon Tavarua offers surfing, diving, snorkeling, fishing and kayaking.


Tavarua is a small, private island located in the South Pacific, near Fiji's main island Viti Levu. With its heart-shaped design, it is the perfect place for a romantic honeymoon. The island is home to a luxurious resort, offering couples a variety of activities to enjoy, such as surfing, diving, snorkeling, fishing and kayaking. The coral reef surrounding the island is also a great spot for swimming and exploring the vibrant underwater wildlife. With its warm climate and stunning scenery, Tavarua is the perfect destination for a romantic getaway.


Harbor Island, USA

Harbor Island, USA Darling little Harbor Island sits in the middle of Bucks Harbor, Brooksville, Maine. The island provides shelter to boats making their way to and from and past Eggemoggin Reach (I just had to share that name with you!). Originally bought to ensure the trees were saved from logging, the island is protected today with conservation orders. Unfortunately, there is nowhere to stay on Harbor Island but Buck Harbor is pretty and there are plenty of romantic places to visit along the Maine coast.


Harbor Island is a gem, embodying quintessential Maine charm with its rugged, tree-covered landscape. Venturing out onto the water, couples find solace in the peaceful embrace of nature, accentuated by the soft sound of waves lapping against their boat. Though overnight stays aren't possible on the island itself, the serenity of Bucks Harbor offers a romantic backdrop for those seeking intimate moments. Nearby, lovers can explore quaint inns and coast-hugging cottages, each offering a unique window into coastal living and the perfect respite after a day of adventure.


Netrani Island, India

Netrani Island, India India’s heart-shaped island has the less romantic nickname of Pigeon Island. It is a tiny coral island sitting in the Arabian Sea. As well as being home to a few people, pigeons, sea eagles, and wild goats, Netrani is a superb snorkeling and diving spot. The corals shield butterfly fish, parrot fish and trigger fish as well as the occasional orca and whale shark.


Netrani Island, affectionately known as India's heart-shaped gem, not only offers a poetic landscape for lovers but also an extraordinary underwater experience for adventure-seekers. Divers can explore the vivid marine life thriving among the coral formations, while snorkelers can easily glimpse the dazzling array of tropical fish near the surface. Known for its crystal-clear visibility, the island's surrounding waters create a serene backdrop ideal for intimate underwater proposals or simply reveling in the beauty of nature with your special someone. Whether basking on the sun-kissed beaches or marveling at the underwater kaleidoscope, Netrani promises a blend of romance and thrill.


Blueberry Island, Canada

Blueberry Island, Canada Offering serenity and solitude – a place for complete privacy – Blueberry Island is an almost perfect heart-shaped island. It sits in Lake Marois in the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec about 45 minutes north of Montreal. The gorgeous natural landscape is forest of pine, maple, hemlock and cedar, boulders left by glaciers and a lovely sandy beach. It’s a private island with the accommodation being a red log cabin. Wouldn’t that make a lovely wedding present?


Isla Corazón, Argentina

Isla Corazón, Argentina South America’s Heart Island sits in Lake Mascardi,in the North Patagonian province of Rio Negro. It’s not one of the purest-heart shaped islands but from certain angles it takes on the lovely form we expect. The island is a charming place covered with trees, and is one of two islands in the lake popular with fishermen, but there are also some lovely beaches as well as fabulous views of the area.

Sadly, heart-shaped islands only give up their shape when seen from above, but just knowing you’re on one adds that extra special touch of frisson to the honeymoon experience. Would you love to spend your honeymoon on a heart-shaped island?

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The man made ones look awful and fake but the natural few that are mixed in look amazing

Are these man-made islands?

Thank you Neecey Beresford :)

Wow! Earth is an amazing Wonder, beautifully created.

One requires permission before visiting nethrani island in India. It is usually used by the armed forces for target practice. Snorkelling and other diving stuff can be done during dec to jan, but can't stay there!

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