The Best Hostels in the World According to the Hoscars ...

My first memory of a hostel (at school) is pretty horrendous when I look back on it. It was more like a barrack room dorm but back then (I won’t tell you how long ago) it was a great way to have a cheap holiday, particularly for a group. These days, I have no hesitation in recommending hostels. They aren’t just for backpackers and hippies. They have seriously upped their game and easily give hotels a run for their money. Each year awards the Hoscars – the Hostel Oscars – to the best. Here are some of the current award holders:

1. The Best Small Hostel – Soul Kitchen, St. Petersburg, Russia

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Scooping first the Best Hostel in Russia, then the Best Hostel in Europe prizes, Soul Kitchen, scooped the prize for Overall Best Small Hostel. A new generation hostel, Soul Kitchen is superbly conceptualized and equipped throughout. It happily combines the privacy of a hotel with the social vibe of a hostel.

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