Most Romantic Cities in the World to Visit with Your Sweetheart ...


Most Romantic Cities in the World to Visit with Your Sweetheart ...
Most Romantic Cities in the World to Visit with Your Sweetheart ...

What makes a city romantic? It’s not just the mere fact that you are there with the one you love – there needs to be more on the menu. There needs to be quaint streets and tranquil parks for hand-in-hand strolls, chic bistros with a view that you don’t notice much because you’re staring into each other’s eyes, neighborhoods that become romantic after dusk, views to enjoy, activities you do as a couple and an atmosphere that declares that love is all around. So which cities fit the bill? Here they are - in no particular order:

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Buenos Aires, Argentina

Caminito,color,property,city,human settlement, Romantic date: A tango lesson

You want to be right in the heart of Buenos Aires when visiting, and the Exe Hotel Colon is the perfect choice for that, directly in the centre of the city and nearby the must see attractions that Buenos Aires has to offer.
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Montréal , Canada

reflection,cityscape,skyline,horizon,city, Romantic date: Calèche (horse-drawn carriage) tour in Old Montréal

There’s something about the city of Montreal that is effortlessly classy, and the Hotel Le Cantlie Suites complete with rooftop swimming pool provides the perfect place to base yourself when exploring all that Montreal has to offer.
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Marrakech, Morocco

mosque,landmark,night,building,light, Romantic date: Intimate dinner of traditional Moroccan food in a Bedouin tent.

All inclusive resorts are definitely the way to go when visiting Marrakech, and you can’t get much better than the luxurious Iberostar Club Pamleraie. With 10 hectares, 3 swimming pools and even a small lake, all your needs are catered for!
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Prague, Czech Republic

Praha,Prague Castle,landmark,night,spire, Romantic date: Picnic in Letna Park

Recently opened in 2014, the Grandior Hotel has quickly become one of the Prague’s most desirable hotels, located right in the centre of the city and providing five-star luxury to guests!
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Charleston, USA

house,landmark,town,building,urban area, Romantic date: A sail in the harbor

If you’re looking for something on the artsy side, then head to the French Quarter and stay in the Vendue hotel; four-star luxury accommodation that also features amazing art exhibitions!
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San Sebastián, Spain

marina,dock,town,vehicle,vacation, Romantic date: Spend the day on Ondarreta Beach

San Sebastian really is all about the glorious beach, so staying in a hotel neat the coast is essential. The Barcelo Costa Vasca is the perfect choice for this, just 500 meters from the crystal blue waters!
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Edinburgh, Scotland

metropolis,landmark,night,city,cityscape, Romantic date: Climb the Scott Monument and admire the view

on the historic Edinburgh Royal Mile, the Radisson Blu Hotel should be the number one choice for visitors to the wonderful Scottish city. With an onsite restaurant and many other nearby, you will be spoilt for choice!
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Budapest, Hungary

historic site,landmark,building,ancient history,place of worship, Romantic date: Visit the Chocolate Festival

A romantic trip to Budapest deserves a hotel that looks like something out of a fairy tale, and the Corinthia Hotel certainly fits the bill! Five-star luxury complete with facilities like spas, cafes and restaurants will make your trip unforgettable.
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Jaipur, India

historic site,building,landmark,hindu temple,ancient history, Romantic date: Watch the sunset at Nahargarh

The Samode Haveli resort was built over 175 years ago and is a perfect example of the style and elegance that the city of Jaipur has in abundance. You will feel like royalty on your trip to India!
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Dublin, Republic of Ireland

Trinity College,landmark,building,monument,church, Dinner and Learning to Play the Bodhrán for Two

Located right next to the train station for ease of access, the Ballsbridge Hotel enables visitors to Dublin to enjoy modern luxury at night whilst exploring old rich history in the daytime.
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San Diego, USA

skyline,horizon,reflection,city,night, Romantic date: A late afternoon stroll in the Prado Area in Balbao Park

Looking for a sensation view of San Diego? If so, your only option is stay on one of the high rise floors of the luxury Manchester Grand Hyatt. With 40 stories to choose from, you will have a great view no matter what floor you end up on!
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Venice, Italy

Grand Canal,town,landmark,sea,cityscape, Romanic date: Sip wine at Do Spade bar on Calle de Spade, near the Rialto Bridge, where Casanova met his lovers.

Is there a city more romantic than Venice in the entire world? Make sure your trip is unforgettable by staying at the Palace Bonvecchiati, just 250 metres from Saint Mark’s Square and complete with elegant furnishings.
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Bath, England

Roman Baths, Great Bath,landmark,town,city,human settlement, Romantic date: Make out like Jane Austen characters in the Pump Rooms

Bath is often overlook in favour of more high profile English locations, but hotels like the Gainsborough Bath Spa show that the city is well equipped to welcome world travellers!
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Lisbon, Portugal

metropolitan area,cityscape,town,metropolis,landmark, Romantic date: Dinner and fado (Portugal’s traditional music)

How about a brand new hotel to make your stay in Lisbon even more special? The Jupiter Lisboa Hotel is a new four-star complex right in the heart of the city, with indoor and outdoor pools and an onsite restaurant with amazing food!
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Bruges, Belgium

Bruges,Brugge Canal,river,landform,geographical feature, Romantic date: Early evening meal in a restaurant on the canal to watch the sunset

How about a former 15th century aristocratic residence for your stay in Bruges? If that kind of luxury appeals to you, then the Hotel Dukes’ Palace Brugge is the only logical choice!
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Florence, Italy

Ponte Vecchio,town,landmark,cityscape,human settlement, Romantic date: Opera under the stuccoes and balconies at the 17th century Teatro della Pergola.

Florence is an effortlessly romantic city, and the magic of Italy in general can really be felt at the Hotel Londra; four star luxury in the centre of Florence.
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Kyoto, Japan

red,tree,plant,flower,leaf, Romantic date: Go Zen at the Myoshinji Temple

The Mistui Garden Hotel Kyoto Shijo is a wonderful hotel that provides modern Japanese accommodation with extra perks like a public bath and onsite restaurant.
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Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik,Dubrovnik,coast,sea,landform, Romantic date: Visit the beach after-dark for a midnight swim beneath the stars

If five-star luxury, panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea and walking distance to the beach are what you are after, then look no further than the Sun Gardens Dubrovnik resort.
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Melbourne, Australia

sky,skyline,landmark,cityscape,reflection, Romantic date: Hold on to each other on the rides at Luna Park

The Causeway 353 Hotel on Little Collins Street offers all air condition, en suite rooms and LCD TVS, all of the modern facilities that you need when visiting a boiling hot country like Australia!
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Vienna, Austria

St. Peter Church,landmark,town,road,urban area, Romantic date: Ride the Riesenrad Ferris Wheel

Opened in 2015, the opulently named Grand Ferdinand – Viennese Elegance Reloaded is a new five-star hotel that boasts a rooftop pool and 3 restaurants, all of the facilities that you would wish for after a busy day sightseeing in Vienna.
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Cape Town, South Africa

marina,city,dock,harbor,sunset, Romantic date: Make friends with the penguins on Boulders Beach

The Vineyard Hotel is situated on the bank of the Kiesbeek River and is only a ten-minute drive from the heart of Cape Town. How does a stunning view of Table Mountain sound?
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Hội an, Vietnam

Japanese Covered Bridge,reflection,landmark,town,river, Romantic date: Stroll the length of Hội An Old Town

Vietnam is an amazing place to visit, and it is even better when you have a luxury resort like the Sunrise Premium Resort to stay in, complete with pools and 3 onsite restaurants!
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Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington Harbour,sky,reflection,skyline,city, Romantic date: Cuddle up on a couch to watch a movie at the Lighthouse Cinema

The appropriately named James Cook Hotel Grand Chancellor is located right in the middle of Wellington, just 500 meters from the wonderful Lambton Harbour. Complete with a day spa for those afternoons when you want to treat yourself!
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New York, USA

metropolis,city,skyscraper,human settlement,cityscape, Romantic date: Rowing on the boat lake in Central Park.

Manhattan is always the go to borough for New York vacations, and a well reputed hotel like The London NYC, just five minutes walk from the iconic Central Park is sure to be a winner.
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Paris, France

Paris,landmark,cityscape,city,skyline, Romantic date: Cruise the sights in a vintage convertible Citröen CV2.

We had to finish with the iconic city of love! No romantic getaway to Paris is complete without a stay at the Warwick Paris, literally steps away from the famous Champs Elysees.
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Why is San Diego up there? Haha sure it's fun, but romantic? There's got to be a million other cities that could replace that one.

In love with those places

No offense but it's crap that you put Paris as number 25. It should in the top 5. That list isn't that good.

she said the cities weren't in any particular order

I have been on dates in Dublin, San Sebastien, Paris and Bath... San Sebastien and that beach wins hands down!

Paris should be first not last, known for city of romance.

Seattle Washington also a fun city..... Pike place market, space needle, ferrrys and so much more

I'm from India and there is nothin romantic in Jaipur. In India one must go to Goa or Andaman for a romantic date

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