Romantics Will Adore These Fabulous Outdoor Hotel Rooms ...


Romantics Will Adore These Fabulous  Outdoor Hotel Rooms ...
Romantics Will Adore These Fabulous  Outdoor Hotel Rooms ...

There’s something magical about sleeping under the stars and waking to a sky that’s lit by the rising sun. And you don’t have to go camping or throw a sleeping bag on a forest floor to experience this delight. There are some fabulous outdoor hotel rooms around the world where the experience is totally elemental.

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Lion Sands Game Reserve – South Africa

vacation, estate, wilderness, sea, resort, Definitely containing some of the best outdoor hotel rooms in the world, is the Lion Sands Game Reserve in South Africa. Guests have the opportunity to stay in an extravagant tree house, nothing like you have ever seen in the likes of Robinson Crusoe! Though you might feel like you are the only people in the world, all of the rooms are connected to staff via a two-way radio, in case you need anything during your stay.


L’Albereta – Italy

property, suite, estate, room, home, The incredible Cabriolet room in Italy’s L’Albereta gives guests the stay of a lifetime. With the touch of a button you can retract the roof and open up the entire room to the gorgeous Italian sunshine! Outside of the amazing accommodation, the hotel is just minutes away from the stunning Lake Iseo.


Bangkok Tree House – Thailand

vacation, resort, swimming pool, villa, hacienda, This amazing facility in Thailand offers guests the chance to sleep in a tree, shower alfresco under the natural moonlight, take a swim in a natural pond and do other cool things like take a carbon free cooking class. By staying here you’re also helping to save the world, as the hotel pledges to remove 1kg (2lb) of rubbish from local river for every booking made.


Loisaba Wilderness Lodge – Kenya

rural area, safari, adventure, Have you ever had the desire to sleep within literal touching distance of the most elegant and amazing wild animals in Africa? Well you have the chance to at Loisaba Wilderness Lodge! The outdoor bedroom provides a luxurious, net covered sleeping experience that can be had on the balcony of your accommodation, looking out over the glory of the Kenyan landscape.


Ladera – St. Lucia

vacation, estate, swimming pool, property, villa, The Ladera facilities feature stunning tree house style hotel lodgings that are all made up of just three walls, with the fourth wall space simply an open window to the amazing scenery of the Soufriere Valley and crystal clear Caribbean Sea beyond it. And an added bonus, every single one of the hotel’s 31 suites has its own private plunge pool!


Las Ventanas Al Paraiso – Mexico

estate, swimming pool, villa, area, flooring, All 71 rooms at the Las Ventanas resort have luxurious beds that can be positioned for sleeping in the full majesty of the Mexican moonlight, but along with this rustic feel, you are also blessed with mod cons like free Wi-Fi and entrance to a private pool just steps from your four poster bed!


Jade Mountain – St. Lucia

vacation, estate, property, villa, real estate, Back to the paradise of St. Lucia again, this time with the view of the glorious Jade Mountain to keep you company as you sleep in full view of the moon and stars. The hotel’s 28 suites are all open plan, giving guests the best of both worlds with a completely removed wall to make you at one with the outside nature.


Amanruya – Turkey

furniture, outdoor structure, room, couch, villa, This is the perfect location for anyone who want to experience as much of the outdoors Turkish summer as they possibly can. The night time heat is perfect for sleeping under the stars, and visitors to the Bodrum location can do just that by setting up for the night in its inviting pergola.


DumaTau Camp – Botswana

estate, vacation, wilderness, property, room, DumaTau translates to ‘roar of the lion’, and though you don’t necessarily want to be confronted with that sound as you sleep, this luxury tent camp provides you with a safe but very natural feeling African vacation experience that gets you closer to the true nature of the surroundings that any concrete hotel ever could!

They’re all magnificent. I can’t ever imagine anything like them in the UK!

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