17 Delightful City Breaks to Plan ...

If there's anything I love and would encourage absolutely everyone to do, it's to travel, and city breaks are a great way to start seeing the world without too much commitment. They're often a more affordable way to get away from it all and explore another culture. Some of the places on this list, I've been to and some I haven't. All are places I want to go to. Book a long weekend off work, pack a comfortable pair of shoes and put these 17 beautiful places on your must-visit list of city breaks.

1. London

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Of course, London is the number one places on my list of city breaks - because I live there! Out of everywhere I've been, London is the most accepting; it doesn't matter where you're from, where you've been, what you wear - you'll still fit in. It's loud and it's dirty but you can go from Tudor England and Queen Victoria's Britain in a couple of streets. And what other city can say that?!

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