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There are so many hidden holiday destinations in the UK. Instead of just traveling to the capital of the country, why not see what the lesser known destinations are like? And if you already live there, why not save money on going abroad and find out what your country has to offer? Here are just a few of the hidden holiday destinations in the UK.

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The Wirral

The Wirral I personally think this is the best of all the hidden holiday destinations in the UK. Not only does it have wonderful sandy beaches, it’s close to two cities: Liverpool and Chester, and the mountains of North Wales are just over the River Dee. The majority of the area is full of small towns and villages surrounded by countryside. This is the perfect getaway if you want to be by the beach yet also want to do a spot of sightseeing.



Torquay Torquay is a large holiday town anchoring Torbay, an area of the Devon coast known as the English Riviera. It came to prominence in Victorian times and has all the archetypal features you'd expect including the wide promenade, large seafront hotels and manicured public gardens. The weather is mild and the beaches are great. For neighbors, Torquay has some charming little fishing towns and villages, including the very picturesque Brixham with its colorful fishing boats always bobbing in its small harbor.



Jersey Jersey is great! One of the Channel Islands, it is packed with wartime history and large sandy beaches.During the day you can enjoy water sports activities or shopping in St. Helier. Then by night, take a walk along the beach and take a trip to some fancy bars and restaurants. The island even has its own zoo.



York York is located in the North East of England, and is an old historic city perfect for a romantic getaway. Enjoy a walk around the walls of the city and have a stroll around the large variety of shops,particularly in the very narrow streets known as The Shambles. An interesting place to visit is the Jorvik Viking Center.



Chester A north Western city that is sure to capture your heart. It's an old Roman city that is surrounded by a wall. Nowadays it's possible to walk around these walls and see how picturesque the city really is. You should try and go on a boat right along the river and then visit one of the many cafes and tea rooms that the city has to offer. For those of you who have a sweet tooth, there are many old fashioned sweet shops located right next to the old church.



Llandudno This popular destination in North Wales is another of the great Victorian resort towns. It is famous for its pier and the cable car ride up to Great Orme Head, a tall headland in the impressive sea cliffs which are also home to a lighthouse (that these days offers holiday accommodation.) Llandudno has a wide sweeping bay with sandy beach and you can guarantee the fish and chips are always good.


St. Andrews

St. Andrews St. Andrews is a small seaside town located in Scotland. It is home to St. Andrews University where Prince William first met Kate Middleton. Another claim serious claim to fame however, is that St. Andrews is the home of golf and many lovers of the game make a pilgrimage to the "Old Course" at The Royal and Ancient Golf Club.

It's hard to find a hidden treasure of a destination when you don’t know the area, so hopefully these tips on lesser known UK destinations will help you decide on a great place to holiday this summer or next. Where are you thinking of going?

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Chester and st andrews special

Nice little artical... But york and jersey are not hidden!! Very well known. Great places to visit though x

Great. Write more about uk holiday destination for families.


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