7 Unique Vacation Ideas to Consider This Year ...


I love to dream about unique vacation ideas. Sometimes they aren't always financially feasible, but planning them is fun all the same! Unique vacation ideas don't always have to be expensive. It is possible to enjoy them within your own country, saving hundreds or thousands on travel.

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Glamping is basically camping that is glamorous. Unlike most unique vacation ideas, it isn't expensive. However, it is also so popular that it isn't so unique any more. Glamping can take place in a yurt, tee pee, or traditional caravan. Usually you get all the comforts you won't get as a standard camper, including a bed!


Igloo Stays

Everyone has heard of ice hotels, but igloos are slightly more niche. Some igloos are entirely traditional, so you can literally feel like an Eskimo. Others are a little more luxury, including see through ceilings you can look at the night sky through. Both options have one thing in common: they are expensive!


Staying in a Stately Home

I am not sure what stately homes are called elsewhere in the English speaking world, so bear with me a little here. Basically, they are historic houses. So castles, colonial houses, manors, etc. Depending on where you go, this is an expensive or inexpensive option. Surprisingly, you can stay in Anne Boleyn's family home without having to take out a loan to do so. Hampton Court, where Henry VIII and most of his wives lived, is also an option...but it costs a little more.


Go Local

Every time someone goes to Paris they come back telling me about how expensive it is. Yes, Paris has its expensive parts. However, all great business people will manipulate the tourist infested areas of a city to make it seem that way. If you are DYING to go somewhere, but don't want to spend a lot of cash, really go local. Dodge the tourist areas, bite the bullet, and get stuck in with the locals.



Voluntourism is a great way to spend less while enjoying another country's culture. There is a turtle sanctuary on Tioman Island in Malaysia. The hostel costs next to nothing to stay in, and you get to help out with a great cause. Think about a cause that is important to you. When you identify a charity, check it out, and get going.


Responsible Travel

Responsible travel is also known as taking an eco vacation. It is sort of a niche in itself, but you don't need to spend loads to engage in one. The best way to travel responsibly is to minimize your carbon emissions. This can mean dodging flying and using other forms of public transport. If you want to go abroad, check out eco tours. These sorts of tours minimize the carbon cost of your travel, while helping you see the world.


Don't Book Accommodation

Why not just throw caution to the wind, book a low-cost flight, and see where you end up? Yeah, the prospect is definitely scary. But the chances of you not finding somewhere to stay are incredibly low. There are plenty of sites that feature hostels. By not arranging everything in advance, you stand a stronger chance of seeing the world in all its glory.

Thinking outside the box when you go on vacation makes the process more exciting. You get to see sights that you didn't think you would see before. I am always looking for new unique vacation ideas. So, what type of vacations do you enjoy?

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These are cute ideas spa breaks are decently priced especially when you find deals. By the way Inuit is the proper and more favourable term not Eskimo

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