52 Beautiful Ocean Animals That You Can See when You Scuba Dive ...


Whether you're an avid scuba diver or you're new to the sport, you're sure to get excited when you see these ocean animals. An underwater view is something sure to take your breath away and maybe these photos will get you into scuba diving for the first time. Whatever gets you under the water, imagine how awesome it would be to see some of these ocean animals.

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Juvenile Smooth Trunkfish

Juvenile Smooth Trunkfish Via Smooth Trunkfish, juvenile [SDC 2008, ...
Maybe he isn't the biggest or the brightest of the ocean animals, but he sure is cute.



Manatees Via Florida's friendly manatees photographed by ...
Seeing a manatee up close and personal would be such a great thing.


Schools of Fish

Schools of Fish Via Red Sea Jungle
Imagine just hanging out here and letting the fish swirl around you.



Jellyfish Via All sizes | The Beautiful ...
Watching jellyfish swim is so soothing. This is a stunning creature, don't you think?


Jumping Dolphin

Jumping Dolphin Via flickr.com
You'll never forget seeing a dolphin leap from the ocean, especially if the sun is setting in the background.


Bright Jellyfish

Bright Jellyfish Via Crazy Seacreatures - Ocean Animals
The colors are something to behold here.


Blue Sea Turtle

Blue Sea Turtle Via Cosmic Sea Turtle by Gcrackle1 ...
Sea turtles can get really big and you'd be so lucky to see one paddle by you.


Strange Species

Strange Species Via SamuraiNX
You might get lucky enough to see a rare ocean animals and share your photos with others. This is an axolotl.


Dolphin Hello

Dolphin Hello Via HALF OF ALL THE ANIMALES ...
Dolphins are super friendly and might come over and try to play with you.



Ray Via wallsforpc.com
This spotted ray is so beautiful, don't you think?


Cleaner Shrimp

Cleaner Shrimp Via All sizes | MALD071208-2 | ...
They might be bottom feeders, but this species of shrimp is wonderful in all its striped glory.


Hammerhead Shark

Hammerhead Shark Via corpse-eye view
This view might scare me a little, but it would be an experience that could never be matched.


Yellow Boxfish

Yellow Boxfish Via 019_adj_DSC0354 aptly named boxfish
I love how unique this fish's shape is. He's really cute!


Papuan Jellyfish

Papuan Jellyfish Via Papuan Jellyfish Mastigias Papua, Palau ...
This type of jellyfish is unlike any other and I'd count myself lucky to see it under the ocean.



Octopus Via curl
A huge octopus might have me swimming to the surface pretty quickly, but it would still be fun to see.


Killer Whales

Killer Whales Via Ocean Animals
Can you imagine seeing a couple of killer whales swimming by you?


Oceanic Whitetip Shark

Oceanic Whitetip Shark Via Top 10 Whale Watching Travel ...
Again, seeing a shark this close would freak me out, but serious scuba divers will love it.


A Reef Squid at Night

A Reef Squid at Night Via Underwater Images Portfolio - Cor ...
Look at all the colors on this guy!



Seahorse Via Seahorse
Seahorses are one of my absolute favorite ocean creatures.


Another Seahorse

Another Seahorse Via DSC_1729
They are just so majestic, don't you think?


Stingray Family

Stingray Family Via Whitsunday Congregation
This would pretty sweet to see while you're visiting the ocean.


Tropical Fish

Tropical Fish Via Community Post: 17 Animals That ...
A bunch of tropical fish swimming toward you would be super cool.



Reef Via Sunsurfer
I would love to go scuba diving in a reef that looks just like this one.


More Fish

More Fish Via Community Post: Pixie Pushkin
Don't forget an underwater camera so you can capture some of the creatures you see.


Blue Seahorse

Blue Seahorse Via flickr.com
This fabulous blue seahorse is something I would have trouble tearing myself away from.


Porcelain Crab

Porcelain Crab Via Porcelain Crab @ Layang Layang
I'm generally not a fan of crabs, except for eating, but this one is quite lovely.


Jellyfish Oceans

Jellyfish Oceans Via Jellyfish City
Can you even imagine being able to get a picture of these guys?


Sea Lion

Sea Lion Via animals-gallery.com
He looks like he wants to play!


Another Ray

Another Ray Via boo!
He totally looks like he is smiling! I would be too if I could swim in the ocean all day.


Beauty Defined

Beauty Defined Via Welcome to Flickr - Photo ...
I'm not sure there could be anything more beautiful than this stunning jellyfish.


Diving Whale

Diving Whale Via Random Inspiration 121 | Architecture, ...
Some people wait their entire lifetimes and never get to see this for real.


Sperm Whale

Sperm Whale Via Sperm Whales, Sperm Whale Pictures, ...
I don't think I would want to be quite this close, but it would be cool to tell people you saw a whale while scuba diving.


A Big Group

A Big Group Via EyeKandy Handmade Jewelry
I love how jellyfish move about in the water, but it's even better to see when there are this many of them.


A Squid

A Squid Via Lea's UW Photography
This guy might be just a squid, but he is gorgeous.


Crab on the Sand

Crab on the Sand Via Crabs
Watching him scuttle about would be a cool thing to see.



Nudibranch Via southch080315072b
He has a strange name, but I love how colorful he is.


Massive Jellyfish

Massive Jellyfish Via Magnificent Jellyfish
I know I've got a lot of jellyfish on my list, but there are just so many different types to see.


All Puffed up

All Puffed up Via The weirdest animals on Planet ...
I have always wanted to see a puffer fish all puffed up like this,


Pink Anenome Fish

Pink Anenome Fish Via Pink anemonefish, Indonesia
Getting a glimpse of this bright orange fish would be cool.


Coconut Octopus

Coconut Octopus Via Amazing Marine Life Photographs - ...
He is such a beautiful color!


Planktonic Octopus

Planktonic Octopus Via Cephalopod: planktonic Octopus paralarva. by... ...
I love all his bright colors! This would be fun to get a great photo of.


Open Magenta Jewel

Open Magenta Jewel Via Open Jewel Anemones
These living creatures add a lot of color to the ocean.


Painted Elysia

Painted Elysia Via Underwater Photographer Dave Valencia's Gallery: ...
I've never seen anything like this.


Purple Crab

Purple Crab Via Cute Pet: The wildest ways ...
A purple crab is something on my list of things to see. What about you?


Turtles in the Great Barrier Reef

Turtles in the Great Barrier Reef Via nirhara.com
Seeing turtles like this would totally make my day!


Tiger Stripes

Tiger Stripes Via What's a girl to do?
A photo of this fish would definitely be a keeper!


Small Crab on Red Eyed Medusa Jellyfish

Small Crab on Red Eyed Medusa Jellyfish Via Free ride
I love how the crab is taking a ride on the jellyfish. So cute!


Purple Tang

Purple Tang Via Purple Tang Ctenochaetus strigosus *explore*
This guy is beautiful, don't you think?


Sea Stars

Sea Stars Via allgamewallpapers.com
Sea stars are one of the most breathtaking creatures who call the sea their home.


The Piglet

The Piglet Via The Piglet
It does look like a little piglet, doesn't it? I think it's cute!


Blue Moray Eel

Blue Moray Eel Via 9 moray eel
My kids love eels! I think they are creepy. Whose side would you take?


Pretty Little Fish

Pretty Little Fish Via 008_adj_DSC6503 fairy basslet
I think the blue and yellow fish are some of the most glorious to look at!

Do you scuba dive? It's definitely a goal of mine, because I want to see some of these creatures up close. Have you ever been personal with an underwater animal?

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Stunning and cute , but if I see shark close to me I must dig my grave right there :)

I've seen 35! They're so cute! And also I caught a jellyfish while on the Gulf Coast!

The axolotl is of Mexican origin and sadly critically endangered.

I live in Fl and have seen a few of these.... Jelly fish, swam with a manatee. I've also seen up close a sting ray and crabs on the beach and also dolphins. All beautiful.

Axolotls are freshwater. They don't live in oceans.


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