7 Beautiful Destinations to Travel to ...


7 Beautiful Destinations to Travel to ...
7 Beautiful Destinations to Travel to ...

Looking for a getaway and some destinations to consider?  Maybe a fun new vacation destination that's not well known, but is not completely strange either is just what you're looking for. Travel is an integral part of life so make your next trip count by choosing the perfect place to go. Here are the best destinations to consider.

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Moraine Lake in Canada

water, reflection, nature, lake, mountain, An impossibly beautiful lake filled with breathtakingly beautiful glacier fed waters, Moraine Lake is one of the best destinations to consider.  The water is so clean and blue and there's wonderful wildlife surrounding you everywhere you look.


Oia in Santorini, Greece

blue, photograph, eyewear, sunglasses, beauty, The most gorgeous place in Greece lies within Santorini. We have all seen the beautiful pictures, but it's even better in person! The gorgeous blue-topped buildings and glowing white walkways are something for everyone to enjoy.


Maroon Bells in Colorado

reflection, nature, wilderness, mountain, lake, This place will create a memory that lasts forever. This beautiful spot in Colorado will forever be a vivid picture in your mind. The mountains are so fresh and breathtaking with, their color and natural beauty everywhere you look.


Isle of Skye in Scotland

sea, water, coast, body of water, shore, As if Scotland wasn’t beautiful enough they bring a dream to life including fairy pools and purple trees. Enjoy the magic!


Pamukkale in Turkey

swimwear, beauty, photo shoot, model, vacation, Thermal pools are a delight you will always love! The glow and natural warmth of the pools is amazing. From a mile away you can see the beautiful mist coming from the pools and the glowing white and blue water is sure to please any traveler.


Blue Lagoon in Iceland

water, body of water, sea, vacation, wave, The blue lagoon in Iceland is more than anyone could dream for! It is said that the blue lagoon has powers to enhance your beauty! If the Kardashians haven’t convinced you, then the pictures will. The glow of the water and the scenery are more than you could expect from a vacation. Love it!


Salar De Uyuni in Bolivia

joint, shoulder, physical fitness, vacation, arm, Look it up! Everything about this place is beautiful and amazing, and hopefully there is a chance for you to visit this beautiful location!

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