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Too many don’t consider Canada as a summer destination, but there are some fabulous beaches in Canada that totally dispel the myth that the country is only a winter sports paradise. Canada is blessed with more than 265 thousand kilometers of coastline (the 2nd longest in the world) so it can only be right that there are many, many beaches of Canada that have been kept secret from the rest of the world for too long.

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Singing Sands, Souris, Prince Edward Island

Singing Sands, Souris, Prince Edward Island Whether this is one of the most beautiful beaches in Canada or not is neither here nor there; it deserves to be included on the list for its intriguing and unique feature. Located in Basin Head Provincial Park on Prince Edward Island, the name of the beach will give you a clue. It is something that scientists have yet been unable to explain because the sands of Basin Head Beach do in fact make singing and squeaking sounds. Apart from this phenomenon, it is a pretty beach with a play area and other facilities and you’ll love that this beach has some of the warmest water in the Northern Hemisphere.


Bennett Beach, Yukon

Bennett Beach, Yukon The Yukon is known for its Gold Rush. The gold mines may no longer be worked but there’s still silver in them there hills. It’s silver sand nestling in bays between headlands in the form of Bennett Beach. The location is spectacular. Bennett Beach is in Carcross, a historic village, home to some of the most antique buildings in the Yukon, near to the Carcross Desert, the Smallest Desert in the World. You can lie in the sun on the sand and enjoy an amazing backdrop of snow-capped mountains.


Sauble Beach, Owen Sound, Ontario

Sauble Beach, Owen Sound, Ontario Sauble Beach stretches for 11 kilometers along the shoreline of Lake Huron, making it the second longest freshwater beach in the world. (The longest also happens to be in Canada – Wasaga Beach on Ontario’s Nottawasaga River). The beach faces west which means magnificent sunsets and the waters of Lake Huron here are clear and warm - ideal for swimming. There are lots of attractions for all ages along its length and it’s a much beloved area for fishermen.


Parlee Beach, Shediac, New Brunswick

Parlee Beach, Shediac, New Brunswick The province of New Brunswick boasts more than 50 of Canada’s beaches. The 1km long Parlee Beach on the island’s east coast is its most popular. It is easily accessible, has good disabled access and good facilities including plenty of parking, changing rooms, showers, and refreshments. The sand is white, the water warm and much of the beach’s length is supervised. Once you’ve had your time in the sun, head into Shediac to see the World’s largest Lobster Sculpture.


Martinique Beach, Nova Scotia

Martinique Beach, Nova Scotia Drive about an hour east of Halifax to find the 5km long Martinique Beach – the longest in Nova Scotia. There are a few things to commend this beach and one of them is its tranquility. The quiet is most often disturbed by surfers but more often by the calls of the migratory sea birds for Martinique Beach is a bird sanctuary, with black ducks, Canadian Geese and the endangered Piper Plover all finding a home here. Enjoy the golden sand (which is supervised in summer), the rolling surf, the dunes and the white spruce forest.


Long Beach, Tofino, British Columbia

Long Beach, Tofino, British Columbia Want eye-popping scenic views? Want surfable waves? Want soft golden sands? Your wants are met by the 16+ kilometers of beautifully golden sandy Long Beach, in the Pacific Rim National Park on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. Come winter, the weather is decidedly Canadian stormy, but in the summer it is more than mildly pleasant. With a backdrop of mountains and rainforest and offshore visitors such as sea lions and grey whales (up to 20,000 of them migrate past the beach) this is one of the beaches of Canada that guarantees all sorts of thrills.


Havre-Aubert Beach, Îles De La Madeleine, Quebec

Havre-Aubert Beach, Îles De La Madeleine, Quebec You know there’s lots of sand when a beach plays host to the Concours de Châteaux de Sable (the World’s Biggest Sand Castle Contest.) The beach in question is Havre-Aubert Beach located in the Magdalen Islands which sit in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The area’s communities are home to artisans who make use of the sand from the 12 kilometers of shoreline of Havre-Aubert, but you don’t need to be a sand sculptor to enjoy the beach and the warm waters – temperatures can exceed 20 degrees in August. There’s also a delightful view of Entry Island from the beach at Bout de Banc Point.

The beaches of Canada enjoy some spectacular locations on ocean and lake coastlines, amid mountains and close to deserts and rainforests. We need to learn more so come on you darling Canadian readers, tell us your favorite Canadian beaches.

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No! Parlee beach is the worst! Haha :) love PEI beaches

BC is the best place to live❤️

Been going to sauble for years. Nothing changes and it just seems to get dirtier. There is a lack of respect from visitors who don't clean up their garbage!!!!!

Canada has the longest coastline not second longest

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