57 Travel Quotes to Feed Your Wanderlust ...

By Neecey

57 Travel Quotes to Feed Your Wanderlust ...

Travel quotes can inspire you to book a trip or populate your bucket list for future adventures. Travel quotes can talk to you not just about your physical destinations but the paths you want to tread in life. There are beautiful quotes about travel – simple and complex, deep and shallow, but all speak to you in their own way.

1 Live, Travel, Adventure

Live, Travel, Adventure Via Live Travel Adventure Bless - ...
Jack Kerouac, beat poet, voice of a generation speaks to those who come after. A fitting way to kick off a compilation of travel quotes.

2 Rich

Rich Via Etsy :: Your place to ...

We don't know who said this but it was a wise head.

3 Educated

Educated Via Quotes and Sayings

Prophet Mohammed knew his stuff! Education is best when experienced not read about.

4 Tourists V Travelers

Tourists V Travelers Via Amazing - 100 Places To ...

Paul Theroux is a famous travel and fiction writer.

5 We Travel

We Travel Via Travel Art Print by JDODesign ...

This ethos permeated the science fiction writings of Ray

6 A Book

A Book Via Inspirational Quotes, 1595 quotes Images ...

One of the earliest recorded quotes about travel.

7 Travel Marks

Travel Marks Via Travel Quote of the Week: ...

Travel inspires all sorts.

8 Travel

Travel Via The Best Travel Quotes Of ...

Travelers will appreciate this difference.

9 Breathe the Air of New Places

Breathe the Air of New Places Via Rovia

Are you like me? The first thing I do as soon as I step off the airplane is smell the air.

10 Second Glances

Second Glances Via Travel Quotes

There's always something new to see - even in old, familiar places.

11 Wonderfully Lost

Wonderfully Lost Via Travel Quotes ('Put down the ...

Unfettered travel without an itinerary is hard to beat.

12 The Destination

The Destination Via “Travel Has Taught Me ****___”

Embrace the journey - it's as rich as the destination.

13 The Voyage Never Ends

The Voyage Never Ends Via The Best Travel Quotes Of ...
I think this is all about travel creating memories. Some of my favorite, oldest and longest lasting memories are of my travels.

14 Travel Bug

Travel Bug Via Words of Wisdom: June 22, ...

Michael Palin is one of my favorite modern day travelers. This travel quote is more resonant when you know he had never thought of himself as a traveler and he was a random choice by the BBC to recreate Phileas Fogg's Around the World in Eighty Days. He's never looked back.

15 Buy a Ticket

Buy a Ticket Via Random Wednesday Thoughts

That's more than enough reason to buy a ticket.

16 Travel Forever

Travel Forever Via Epic, Funny & Inspiring Family ...

I hope I am a forever traveler. Do you?

17 Everywhere

Everywhere Via Say what what

I'm totally on board with this. My travel bucket list won't fit in a bucket.

18 Travel Quote

Travel Quote Via Places to go

Travel has the power to change the way you view and live your life.

19 Do Not Follow

Do Not Follow Via The Best Travel Quotes Of ...

This is so often cited as a travel quote. I disagree. I believe this is about carving your path in life, not about the places you travel to. What do you think?

20 Travel's Sake

Travel's Sake Via #TravelQuoteTuesday

The great Victorian author was clear in his mind why he went traveling.

21 Get Away from It All

Get Away from It All Via Oh the Places You'll Go

How many times have you heard the expressing getting away from it all? Even if someone is going to a weekend spa or an all-inclusive resort for a fortnight.

22 Stretching

Stretching Via westernriver.com
What he's really saying is that travel broadens your horizons - one of the most popular travel quotes of today.

23 What Has Travel Taught You?

What Has Travel Taught You? Via “Travel Has Taught Me ****___”

If you know what serendipity is, you'll understand the esoteric nature of this quote.

24 Secret Destinations

Secret Destinations Via ResorTime

Open yourself to all possibilities and you never know what you'll find.

25 Curiosity

Curiosity Via Travel

All travelers have a natural curiosity. It drives their thirst for new places, cultures and experiences.

26 Explore

Explore Via Adventure Quote, Travel Quote, Explore ...

Julia Child said this. I think food lovers and chefs the world over would agree. A passion for food is an impetus to travel.

27 My Favorite Thing

My Favorite Thing Via Reduce Roaming Fees with KnowRoaming

Now you know where to go next.

28 Escape

Escape Via 12 of the Most Inspiring ...

A life without travel is somewhat empty.

29 What Has Traveling Taught You about Yourself?

What Has Traveling Taught You about Yourself? Via #TravelQuoteTuesday

You learn so much about yourself when traveling. Travel is a voyage of discovery in so many ways.

30 Speechless,

Speechless, Via Gloholiday: Holiday and Travel Information

This is so true. A sight literally takes your breath away and then you can't wait to tell about it.

31 The Horizon

The Horizon Via Travel Quote

I like it when statements from unlikely sources become quotes about traveling, even if it wasn't perhaps the original train of thought of the statement maker.

32 I Have Been Waiting to Leave

I Have Been Waiting to Leave Via elikaphant

True-to-heart travelers always have a bag packed ready to go at a moment's notice.

33 Foreigners

Foreigners Via The Best Travel Quotes Of ...

This is the travel equivalent of "strangers are only friends you haven't met yet".

34 Someday

Someday Via picturesandquotes.net

So many dare to dream the dream.

35 Someplace

Someplace Via pinterest.com

Even the Dalai Lama knows the value of travel.

36 Power and Love

Power and Love Via The Best Travel Quotes Of ...

Why do people say to take off somewhere after a break up? Because it's a chance to regroup and retake control of your life.

37 Once

Once Via Words to Live By

No stories, pictures of movies can match up to seeing the world's magnificence up close and personal.

38 Travel is ...

Travel is ... Via Travel quote

How do you describe the exhilaration of travel to someone who doesn't know? Like this ...

39 I Beg Young People

I Beg Young People Via interstudy.org
I know it’s a long one but persevere to the end - it's worth it.

40 Distraction

Distraction Via Queer Fat Femme Guide to ...

The French writer Belloc knew how to describe travel.

41 Coming Home

Coming Home Via 20 Inspiring Quotes That Will ...

No matter how marvelous your travel adventures are, there's no place like home.

42 Homesick

Homesick Via quotes | agypsyslove

Think about it. do you yearn more to walk down main street in your home town or for far off places?

43 Perspective

Perspective Via pinerly.com

There's nothing like travel for putting things in perspective.

44 Forever

Forever Via Random

Some places you travel too will leave an eternal impression.

45 Hope

Hope Via Shimmering Seoul

If you don't have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true?

46 Fatal

Fatal Via Words for the Weekend - ...

Such a beautiful sentiment expressed so eloquently.

47 Nomad⫷⫸

Nomad⫷⫸ Via Wear the World, Change the ...

Sometimes travel is in your soul.

48 Gift from God

Gift from God Via 20 Inspiring Quotes That Will ...

I must confess, this is one of my absolute favorite travel quotes.

49 A Good Traveler

A Good Traveler Via 66/365

Another saying that tells us the journey is just as exciting as the destination.

50 Sacrifice

Sacrifice Via The Best Travel Quotes Of ...

Travelers will do anything for their next trip.

51 Wandering Free

Wandering Free Via Wanderlust Inspiration

Tolkien knew a little about epic journeys!

52 Something You do

Something You do Via Powerful Quotes

Those that have travel in their blood, know.

53 No Matter Where or Why...

No Matter Where or Why... Via Visit Ithaca, NY - Official ...

There are infinite possibilities in travel - even if you just walk down your street.

54 To Awaken Alone

To Awaken Alone Via #TravelQuote

Travel helps you not be afraid and to face your fears.

55 Traveling

Traveling Via nicholassparksquotes.com

Everyone's current favorite author says it in his own inimitable fashion.

56 More

More Via Latitudes Travel Agency - The ...

It's a huge wide world out there.

57 To Travel is ...

To Travel is ... Via Semester at Sea

The only way to banish preconceptions is to find out the truth for yourself.

Do you enjoy reading quotes about traveling? Which ones inspire you the most?

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Love the quotes so much:) thanks a lot and please keep posting stuff related to travel:D

Simply marvellous quotes! I'd love to translate them all for my Italian friends!

Thank you for sharing them. I can't pick just one favorite because they're all amazing.



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