20 Amazing Things to do in Africa ...


When it comes to exciting things to do in Africa, it is no secret that you are spoilt for choice. There are so many life changing things to do in Africa, it's impossible to choose just one or even know where to start. So if you are about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime on this incredible, diverse, vibrant and exciting continent, I have prepared a list that will get your heart racing. Here are 20 amazing things to do in Africa.

1. White Water Rafting down the Orange River – Namibia

One of the most adrenaline-filled things to do in Africa is to experience the magic of the resplendent Orange River. Multi day trips take you along the river, where you carry everything with you and camp every night on the banks. Experience the thrill and the tranquillity that the wild and raw nature of Namibia has to offer.

Swim with Dolphins – Mozambique
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