8 Places of Geographical Fact in Canada ...


As one of the largest countries in the world (2nd, actually, behind Russia), the geographical facts of Canada should include some major features and landmarks. Much of the country is massive wide open space but with the Rockies on one seaboard, the Great St. Lawrence River on the other, and Hudson Bay and all those islands, thereโ€™s great scope for variety in the countryโ€™s topography. Come join me as we embark on a tour of the key geographical facts of Canada.

1. Longest River in Canada

To start these eight geographical facts of Canada, itโ€™s the longest river which captures our attentions. The Mackenzie River is the largest and longest in Canada and flows through the Northwest Territories over the isolated tundra and forest areas. At 1,080 miles long, it drains a vast area almost the size of Indonesia.

Highest Mountain in Canada
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