8 Things to Love about Cambodia ...


8 Things to Love about Cambodia ...
8 Things to Love about Cambodia ...

Cambodia travel presents a multitude of exciting and fascinating experiences. The country is fast rising up the lists of desirable destinations in South East Asia. Thanks to affordability and more exposure, many people are choosing Cambodia travel as their gateway to the exotic east. Here are 8 things to love about Cambodia.

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Breathtaking Beaches

One of the best reasons for Cambodia travel is that some of the most incredible beaches can be found here, lapping the shores on the cashmere sands right around the corner from its more famous neighbor – Thailand. Virtually deserted and unknown, experience the bliss, peace and tranquility as you explore the surrounding islands or park off under the gentle swaying palms, looking out on to a breeze ruffled panorama that sweeps across the ocean as far as the eye can see.


Angkor Wat

On any vacation to Cambodia you absolutely must take the time to see one of the most incredible historic sites that you will probably ever see in your life. The Angkor Archaeological park is the incredible site of the Kingdom of Angkor, beautifully preserved as it was many thousands of years ago. Temples that architecturally were a genius way ahead of their time, and a true living testament to the wonderful Khmer people. Be transported right back into an era where time appears to be standing still.


The Incredible Food

Travel in Cambodia will bring you to regions that are a true gastronomic treat. From the traditional to the outrageous, the cuisine in Cambodia will blow your mind. Feast on the freshest seafood and mouth-watering local fruits, such as Dragon fruit, mangosteen, limes and pineapple. Enjoy a popular local dish – Amok – coconut, fish paste and lemongrass curry, spring rolls, lok lak, Vietnamese pho and Thai pad curry.


The Sensational History

The history of the Khmer people is one that has roots as far back as the French Colonial rule but the story most people are aware of are the events that occurred in the reign of the Khmer Rouge that were devastating, horrendous and astounding – and the killing fields are shocking and moving testimony to that. But despite traumatic hardships and devastating events, what is most moving is the recovery from these tumultuous events. One of the joys of Cambodia travel is seeing how the country is regenerating itself. There is a memorial at Choeung Ek that marks the mass graves of the Killing Fields.


The Khmer People

Despite many of the local people not having much in terms of material wealth and possessions, their humble, friendly and giving nature is so engaging, charismatic and genuine. It is a life changing experience for anybody who comes to visit Cambodia to spend time with these incredible people. Always smiling, welcoming and with time to stop and help you with directions or suggestions – their quiet, patient pace comes from a special place of inner peace and inner balance that everyone should stop and take direction from.


Endangered Dolphins at Kratie

Far removed from the madding crowds of tourists and just alongside the border of Laos, you will find one of Cambodia’s best kept secrets – Kratie. Cambodia travel is widely thought to be just about temples and history, but here, tucked away, you will find one of the world’s most endangered marine species – the Irrawaddy River Dolphin. It’s fun to spend time in Kratie – a somewhat shabby chic town- with an Angkor beer, trying to spot the elusive creatures as they navigate the great Mekong River.


Magical Markets

Traveling in Cambodia is an exciting journey and the markets are an effervescent experience all on their own. Shop for jewelry, souvenirs, clothing, hats, and exotic foods – just about anything. Browsing the markets is the chance to experience life as a local, see how everybody goes along on their day to day life and to feel the buzz at the market place.


The Energy

There is a quiet, humble yet extremely powerful energy that everybody feels when they visit Cambodia. Many say that Cambodia travel changed their life completely, changed their way of thinking and gave them a totally different perspective in general. And a lot has to do with the energy and synergy of the local Khmer people and the simple beauty and serenity of the countryside.

Visiting Cambodia will be one of the most moving experiences of your life. Although it has its challenges with lack of modern infrastructure, those aspects just add to the charm of Cambodia travel. Which one of these 8 things to love about Cambodia has moved you to putting Cambodia on your travel wish list?

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