8 Best Things to do in North Carolina ...


8 Best Things to do in North Carolina ...
8 Best Things to do in North Carolina ...

With a myriad of things to do in North Carolina, it’s the perfect place for a vacation. North Carolina, or the Tar Heel State, is known for being one of the most diverse states in the US. Spend some time on the refreshing Atlantic coastline, partake in all the activities to do in North Carolina’s rugged natural heartland, and spend some time taking in the sights and sounds of this marvelous American location. Take a look at these 8 best things to do in North Carolina and understand why vacations in North Carolina are among the hottest tickets for 2013.

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Grandfather Mountain

No visit to North Carolina wouldn't be complete without a visit to the 6000 foot Grandfather Mountain. The mountain is in the northwest part of the state, and is where you can experience stunning 360-degree views from the Mile High Swinging Bridge as you traverse craggy trails and rolling dirt tracks. And don’t forget to look out for the majestic golden eagle! Without a doubt this is one of the essential things to see in North Carolina.


Elizabethan Gardens

One of the nicest places to visit in North Carolina is the Elizabethan Gardens in Manteo. Innocenti and Webel designed these magical gardens, which consist of authentic plant life from the 16th century, in memory of English colonization. A leisurely walk through these tranquil gardens is a great way to unwind on vacations in North Carolina. Take the Historic Albemarle Tour, which frequents the gardens and offers the chance to see multiple attractions in quick succession.


Catawba River Canoeing

What better way to get the heart racing than with an extreme canoeing trip down the raging Catawba River? Crashing down gushing waters and rushing past the furrowed natural wonders of rural Carolina with nothing but a small boat and your paddle for company, is a feeling like no other. With expert instructors guiding novice and experienced canoeists, this adrenaline-filled water sport is open to everybody!


Go Surfing!

Relaxing on sandy beaches is one thing, but undoubtedly you want to do something different. Take advantage of some of the most active waters in the world by taking a surfing lesson. The length of the east coast holds lessons and classes with expert instructors. This is one of the things to do in North Carolina before you leave, as there’s truly nothing like gliding atop the waves with the company of a warm orange Atlantic sunset!



If you’re a fan of American sports, one of the essential places to visit in North Carolina is the museum honoring the king of NASCAR. The Richard Petty Museum charts the unforgettable career of the 7-time Winston Cup Series Champion, as well as the legendary Petty family. Immerse yourself in this intriguing piece of American culture with a visit to this attraction.


Carolina Chocolate Drops

Get your groove on with the Carolina Chocolate Drops and their authentic African-American music. Although this critically acclaimed act regularly tours the world, they always return to North Carolina to spread their heritage to thousands more eager ears. Book one of their shows in advance for a taste of these three young fiddlers.


River Arts District

For all things art, the River Arts District is your destination. Artists new and old gather to work and sell their wares in Asheville. Over 65 studios house working artists who partake in everything from pottery to painting and from sketching to sculpture. Meet them in their studios, ask them about their work, and take home a souvenir from North Carolina’s art scene.


USS North Carolina

Combine the coastal sights with a visit to Wilmington, the home of the battleship USS North Carolina. Take a tour of the place where 2,500 sailors made their homes during the Second World War II. Educate yourself on one of the most stoic reminders of America’s glorious naval history as you step aboard the ship which fought in every Pacific offensive of the war. And there’s truly nothing like casting a glance back to Wilmington from the tail. Definitely the ultimate photogenic location!

As one of the most diverse states on the Atlantic seaboard, a visit to America almost necessitates a visit to this state. These things to do in North Carolina are but the tip of the iceberg, though. There are far more things to see in North Carolina than can possibly be listed here. If you are considering vacations in North Carolina, what are you looking forward to seeing and doing on your visit?

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Biltmore house and downtown asheville are great places to visit as well!! If you want some good coffee try Asheville Radio Cafe :)

You also forgot about the Bilmore house aka north America's largest house

I can think of two things missing from this list... #BBN #WeAreUK

Glad NC got a shout out!

Love love love NC. If you want a good place to shop, we have some pretty kick butt flea markets and South Point mall is AMAZING.

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