7 Places of Geographical Fact in the USA ...


As a huge country, the places of geographical fact in the USA are going to be significant on a national and global scale. The superlatives of US geography are also going to be up there with the tallest, longest, deepest, widest etc, in the world. Here are 7 key places of geographical fact in the USA.

1. Mount McKinley

Here's one of the most interesting places of geographical fact in the USA. The tallest mountain in America situated about 130 miles from Anchorage is close to the center of the Alaska Range and boasts two summits with the highest being 20,320 feet (6,194 metres). The Athabasca Indians refer to it as Denali, ”The high one” or “Great one,” and it is known to the Russians as “Great Mountain” or Bolshaya Gora. The upper half of the mountains have a permanent covering of snow that helps serve as supply points for various glaciers, some more than 30 miles (48 kilometres) long. Records show that English navigator George Vancouver made the first sighting of Mount McKinley in 1794, and the first attempt to climb it by James Wickersham in 1903 ended in failure.

Lake Superior
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