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7 Reasons to Visit Africa at Least Once in Your Life ...

By Leeann

I can think of a million and one reasons to visit Africa. It’s exotic, it’s beautiful, it’s a different culture, there is so much going on there! Not everyone has the ability to visit this amazing continent, but if you’ve ever considered it, and get a chance to, I say go for it! So here are 7 reasons to visit Africa at least once in your life!

1 The Wildlife is Incredible

High on the list of reasons to visit Africa is, hands down, because of the wildlife. You get a true safari this way. The lions, the rhinos – ladies, this isn’t you regular trip to the zoo, this is the real deal! You’ll get to have up close and have personal encounters with these amazing creatures, and you’ll get a lot more for your money – a lifetime of memories.

2 It’s Will and Kate’s Go-to Destination

Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton in a gorgeous place somewhere in Kenya, and we can only guess exactly where it was, and what they saw. What I can bet, though, is that if this place is beautiful enough for the future king and queen of England, it’s good enough for the rest of us! Going where the royals went – totally one of the best reasons to visit Africa.

3 The People, the Culture, and the Traditions

Simply put, one of the highlights of visiting Africa lies at the heart of what makes it unique – the people, culture and traditions. It’s a different world down there, the way they live, the traditions they uphold, it would be incredible to witness how they live their lives. It’s such a contrast from our daily lives, I’m guessing it would be an incredible lesson and a beautiful feeling!

4 The Pyramids of Giza

These pyramids are world wonders. The pyramids need no other introduction as one of the best reasons to visit Africa. Again, the PYRAMIDS.

5 The Landscape

The diversity of this place is incredible. There are mountains, beaches, tropical islands, rainforests, I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like here. The different settings you’ll find yourself in are some of the most beautiful reasons to visit Africa if you can.

6 Adventure, Adventure, Adventure

Africa is an incredible place for adventure. Are you ready for this? White water rafting, zip lining, shark cage diving, bungee jumping, skydiving, hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro, safaris, helicopter trips, and there’s tons more. Looking for more reasons to visit Africa? Just Google "African adventures"!

7 You Can Make a Difference

The beautiful thing about visiting a place like Africa is that you can really make a difference. As beautiful as this place is, we all know that they face their fair share of problems, and the best thing about it is that you can help, even in the smallest of ways. This is one of the best reasons to visit Africa, because you’ll not only get to experience all that this continent has to offer, but you’ll be able to give back as well.

I’ve wanted to go to Africa for the longest time; just to experience a place like that would be an incredible thing! One of my closest friends just lived in South Africa for 6 months, and she loved it, so now I want to go even more! So tell me, for those of you lucky ladies who’ve visited this place or lived there – what’s on your list of reasons to visit Africa?

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