8 Incredible Species of African Wildlife to See on an Animal Adventure Vacation ...


8 Incredible Species of African Wildlife to See on an Animal Adventure Vacation ...
8 Incredible Species of African Wildlife to See on an Animal Adventure Vacation ...

African wildlife could be the some of the greatest things you ever see in your life. If you’re looking for a vacation which will give you a thrill whilst being within a reasonable budget, discovering what the plains of Africa have to offer is a great way to beat the typical vacation in the sun or in the mountains. The beauty that comes with African wildlife is exceptional – some of the greatest wild animals are found in Africa. Here’s my guide to 8 Incredible Species of African Wildlife to see on an Animal Adventure Vacation to really get you excited.

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If you’re a fan of Disney Movies, you’ll be struck by just how closely female Impala resemble the childhood favorite Bambi. Found in the countries such as Namibia, Zimbabwe and Kenya, this medium-sized antelope is one of the most beautiful African animals you will ever encounter. Men beware – female impala outnumber their male counterparts by double, so stay in their good books!


Angolan Hairy Bat

I know what you’re thinking – «why would I want to go and see a bat?!» Well the answer is simple: they are rare and wonderfully unobserved. Scientists are yet to find much information out on the Angolan Hairy Bat, which makes it a really great animal to track down on an African wildlife adventure. They live in very hot places, especially in South Africa and, of course, Angola.


Long-tailed Forest Shrew

These mighty little shrews are only found naturally in South Africa, so if you’re stopping by be sure to check some of them out. They belong to the Myosorex genus, which means that they are classified as Mouse Shrews. They are very intriguing creatures which you’ll be compelled by.


Giant Eland

You might consider seeing two types of antelope on your African wildlife experience is boring, but I can assure you that there’s nothing boring about seeing the Giant Eland in its home environment. The animal can weigh up to 2,000 pounds, but despite its weight can jump over six feet in the air!



Although aardvarks can be seen commonly in zoos and wildlife parks, seeing on in its natural environment is a truly magnificent experience. They live in burrows which will require the assistance of a guide to view properly, but if you are lucky enough to spot some on your African discovery then you are in for a real treat. Do watch out for their intriguing ears – they move independently of each other and can be folded completely to stop any dirt from getting into them whilst burrowing.



Amazing African wildlife isn’t just confined to land. A purely marine animal, the dugong is a very pale almost albino color. Its closest relative was hunted to extinction in the 18th century, and it’s only because of conservation efforts that the dugong is with us today; they are hunted similarly to whales for their meat and oil. If you fancy getting out of the sunlight, try and find an activity which will enable you to view some of the unique marine animals that Africa has to offer you.



If you are in central or east Africa you are likely to come across some jackals. They are not the most dignified of African wildlife, but are very interesting – they feed on just about anything, including plants, reptiles, insects and dead corpses. Their appearance is similar to that of a dog, and they are rather easy to spot in the African daylight.


Riverine Rabbit

If you are able to spot a Riverine Rabbit you are in the presence of not only one of Africa wildlife’s most elusive and rare mammals but one of the world’s too. They weigh a mere 3 pounds, but are identified by their distinctive black stripe which runs down from the corner of their mouth over their cheek. They are nocturnal, so like the bats you will have to watch for them at night.

There you have it: my 8 wonderful animals which you should try and spot if you ever have the opportunity to experience an African wildlife vacation. There are hundreds of animals which I have not been able to include here, so make sure that you have a trusted guide who can tell you all of the best spots for observing the beauty of the African wildlife. Please leave a comment with your experiences of any animals encountered while in Africa’s plains, or even if you have any questions about travelling to visit Africa.

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