9 Fantastic Festivals in Africa for a Real Adventure ...


9 Fantastic Festivals in Africa for a Real Adventure ...
9 Fantastic Festivals in Africa for a Real Adventure ...

If you’re in “thinking about where to go on vacation this year” mode, there are some fabulous festivals in Africa that will add to the experience of traveling to some amazing countries. As diverse and colorful as the people, landscape and culture of the countries that host them, the festivals of Africa showcase the best of the continent., north to south, west to east.

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Ghana - Panafest (Biennia)

Ghana - Panafest (Biennia) There are many meaningful festivals in Africa but Panafest is centered on all Africans in and away from the continent. It happens biennially and is a fest of African music, dance and other performing arts. The objective is to highlight Pan-African principles and the growth of the whole continent. It is a magnet for all people of African descent and those dedicated to the interests of Africa and its Diaspora. Simply put, it’s all about development. The festival is the ideal opportunity to connect with African culture and meet locals and others from around the world while having a great time.


Lesotho - Morija Arts & Cultures Festival (October)

Lesotho - Morija Arts & Cultures Festival (October) Lesotho is a tiny, mountainous little kingdom but it knows how to throw African festivals. This one starts on the first Thursday of October and goes on four days. Eight venues share the hosting of forty events. There is a plethora of film, music, drama and dance. On display are exquisite handcrafts and delicious food and drink. Hospitality is high and all visitors are made to feel very welcome.


Ivory Coast - Festival of Masks (November)

Ivory Coast - Festival of Masks (November) Anyone interested in African art and dance would enjoy The Festival of Masks (also known as Fetes des Masques). This is a local celebration to pay respects to the spirits of the forest. Traditional dancers wearing fabulous handcrafted masks (many handed down from one generation to another). The villagers decide who the best dancers are. Festivals in Africa are held in other regions of Ivory Coast but this one is in Man.


Kenya - Mombasa Carnival (November)

Kenya - Mombasa Carnival (November) If you want to see Kenya in action, join the Mombasa Carnival. African Festivals are vibrant and this one is very colorful. The carnival happens when two parades meet on Moi Avenue. The parades show off spectacular costumes, music and floats from all Kenya’s cultural, religious and national communities.


Egypt - Cairo Film Festival (November)

Egypt - Cairo Film Festival (November) Festivals in Africa are often traditional but the Cairo Film Festival is a celebration of modern cinema. In the film industry, Cairo is to Egypt what Hollywood is to the USA. Egyptian film influences the whole of the Arab world and its Diaspora. It’s a delight for local and international film lovers. You might have to earmark this one for future years as the country’s current instability means travel is not recommended.


Mali - Crossing of the Cattle (December)

Mali - Crossing of the Cattle (December) This festival occurs in Diafarabe, Fulani. It is one of the significant festivals in Africa. Traditionally, cattle and family have always been very important assets in Africa. This celebration is about both. Cattle are brought by the herds from their grazing plains to the river at Diafarabe. Everybody crosses to the other side of the river to be united. This union happens for a number of days and then the cattle are herded to new grazing land. This day is Promenade des Jeunes and single men and women dress in finery to attract one another. The owners of the best cared-for and fattest cattle get prizes.


Tanzania/Kenya - the Great Migration (May / June and July / August)

Tanzania/Kenya - the Great Migration (May / June and July / August) The Great Migration is an awe-inspiring ‘African festival’ put on by nature. It’s the migration of thousands of zebra and wildebeest moving between Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and Masai Mara in Kenya. There is no exact date for the migration as it happens spontaneously when the rains arrive. (Between May and June leave Serengeti National Park. Congregate to cross the Grumeti River. Arrive in Masai Mara between July and August.) During this time the drama of life and death is constantly played out by Africa’s magnificent predators and prey.


Morocco - 1001 Nights in Moroccan Sahara (New Year)

Morocco - 1001 Nights in Moroccan Sahara (New Year) This is one of the more exotic Festivals in Africa. Be hypnotized by live dance and drumming by the Berbers. Feast on traditional Moroccan delicacies in the mysterious Sahara until the dawn of the New Year.


Zanzibar - Festival of the Dhow Countries (July)

Zanzibar - Festival of the Dhow Countries (July) This is an important cultural happening on the calendar of African Festivals. It incorporates the beautiful historical buildings of Stone Town. The festival highlights the culture of the Dhow countries, Indian Ocean, African continent and international Diaspora.

I’d be happy going to any of these festivals. How about you?

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