8 Top Places to Visit in Kenya ...


8 Top Places to Visit in Kenya ...
8 Top Places to Visit in Kenya ...

Some of the best travel experiences to be had in Africa are the places to visit in Kenya. This East African country has one of the most well developed tourist industries on the continent and millions flock to the gorgeous plains, vibrant cities, stunning beaches and to take a safari every year. In some ways, this is “sanitized” Africa and you could feel like just one of the crowd, but there are places to visit in Kenya where you can immerse yourself in the country’s gorgeousness and still have the authentic African experience.

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The Kakamega Rainforest

The Kakamega Rainforest Tucked away in the western region of Kenya on the fringes of the border with Uganda, northwest of the capital Nairobi, brings you to one of the most spectacular places to visit in Kenya – The Kakamega Rainforest. What is believed to be the only lasting slice of the ancient Guineo-Congolian rainforest that once carpeted the entire African continent, the Kakamega Rainforest is home to an abundance of native wildlife. Waterfalls, massive trees, birds and 400 different species of butterflies as well as the elusive Debrazza monkey can be found here.


South Coast Mombasa

South Coast Mombasa A virtual idyllic paradise, the south coast of Mombasa is a tropical paradise dream come true. Soft cashmere sands sweep out as far as the eye can see, soft palm trees swaying in the breeze, overlooking a mesmerizing azure Indian Ocean, dipping down to an intricate network of bright coral reefs. It’s one of the most beautiful places in Kenya to see nature with its abundance of marine life, such as giant sea turtles, dolphins and schools of colored fish.



Lamu Lamu is the oldest remaining town in Kenya and is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. Touted as “the oldest and best-preserved Swahili settlement in East Africa,’’ charismatic and breathtakingly beautiful, the town has roots that go as far back as the 13th century, with some incredible architecture found in the Lamu island town. Huge mosques, beautiful hand carvings on doors and in lintels, the stunning East African woodwork can be seen throughout the town. Close to neighboring islands, it is one of the popular destinations for diving in Kenya.


The Kerio Valley

The Kerio Valley What was once one of the best kept secrets of Kenya, the lush green rolling hills surrounding the Kerio Valley are one of the most beautiful regions in Kenya. The sweeping bluffs of the North Rift Valley open out and dip right over the Kerio Valley below. Waterfalls gush down escarpments, opening up to rivers and streams trickling through the rugged forest hills below. The hills surrounding the valley are the very beating heart of the tea industry in Kenya – a fascinating journey to make.



Amboseli Described as the land of giants, Amboseli is sweeping savannah plains, never-ending panoramas, lush wetlands and the dramatic sight of the glorious Mount Kilimanjaro, who can be seen just over the border in neighboring Tanzania. Home to a number of local Maasai tribes who live around the Amboseli National Park, this area is unique with dramatic charm and charisma. The Amboseli National Park is a huge 392 square kilometers and is another of the wonderful destinations in Kenya to see wildlife. Amboseli is home to an impressive collection of wild African animals, including zebra, wildebeest, elephant and masses of impala herds. The thick acacia forest is a true haven for the huge amount of bird life and has a thriving cheetah population.



Bogoria Right at the doorway to the lush, wild and untouched west Kenyan wilderness is the resplendent Lake Bogoria. Surrounded by the sweeping valley walls of the impressive Siracho Mountain Range, the bubbling lake waters are a geothermal delight, and the highly volcanically active fizzing lake attracts hundreds of thousands of pink flamingos, a dramatic and sensational slice of Kenyan scenery to experience. With a huge bird life community and an active Fish Eagle presence – preying on the pink flamingos – the tableau of Mother Nature’s perfection is complete with masses of kudu, gazelle, baboons and zebras dotting the shorelines.


The Watamu National Park

The Watamu National Park The Watamu National Park is located on the fringes of the sparkling northern coastline of Kenya and is part of the Malindi Marine Reserve and the Malindi Marine Park. With an incredible collection of the most beautiful marine animals, this eco reserve is heaving with underwater habitats and even boasts a bona fide Mangrove forest reserve – the Mild Creek Mangrove forest. With a massive community of bird and wildlife, Watamu shows that the coastal places to visit in Kenya aren’t just about the glorious beaches; it’s home to giant turtles, dugongs, crabs, dolphins, masses of underwater coral palaces and a thriving community of a vast variety of fish.



Sagana Sagana is located at the foot of the glorious Mount Kenya. Home to the exciting Tana River, Sagana has been touted as the adventure capital of Kenya and a lot of that has to do with the river. Visitors come from far and wide to hurl themselves on bungee ropes off bridges over the river with the Bungeewalla crew, and the white water rafting tours are a serious adrenalin rush all on their own. This one stop adventure seekers’ thrill spot is the best place to experience the rush of the African wild in the heart of Kenya.

There really are some superb places to visit in Kenya. The scenery, the wildlife and the colors are enough to uplift the weariest of souls. Would you pay a visit?

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I have gone diving in Lamu and various other parts if Kenya many times... Always beautiful, and have never had an issue with safety; the locals in Lamu are particularly hospitable!!

Beautiful sites

Y'all welcome to this beautiful country and we now have the tafaria castle and mount Kenya an amazing places

This is a beautiful but very dangerous place -- there's a very high crime rate.

Hi I am from Kenya, I live in England at the moment and I must say I love visiting my home country every year can't wait to go in April and take my French man with me

I want to go to Kenya, everything is beautiful, it's perfect

You forgot my home town, Nyeri. It is an idyllic town set between Mt. Kenya and Mt. Aberdares.

@Barbara Hurley no there isn't! I live in Kenya.

Incredible! I want to go, So beautiful. Thanks for the article :)

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