7 Volunteer Opportunities in Africa ...

I’ve shared with you some of the volunteer opportunities in South America and Asia, so now it’s time to turn the spotlight on volunteer opportunities in Africa. The diversity of the continent, which is made up of 55 countries, brings some great challenges. The huge differences in landscape and climate are well known for causing humanitarian issues, as well as the politics of countries that are still finding their way in the developing world. The volunteer opportunities in Africa are as diverse as the continent itself.

1. Living with Lions in South Africa

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Volunteer opportunities in Africa include plenty of wildlife options in wildlife conservation and care. For ~Β£1,200/$2000, you can spend 2 weeks in South Africa living and working with lion cubs. In your work, you will care for, play with and feed the lion cubs, cleaning their enclosures while looking after other animals on the wildlife reserve. You will also participate in game drives, and be involved in white lion research and conservation. In your downtime, you can explore the northwest province of South Africa, a stunning and diverse landscape with a rich history.

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