7 River Trips of a Lifetime ...


7 River Trips of a Lifetime ...
7 River Trips of a Lifetime ...

River trips may not be at the forefront of your mind when you think of vacations. There however, may be nothing more exhilarating than traveling through the heart of a country than on its’ waterways. Explore magnificent river trips throughout the world without the hustle and bustle of city life and lots of people. Get up close and personal with wildlife and connect the very heartbeat of nature itself. Here is a quick look at 7 River Trips of a Lifetime.

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Orange River, Namibia

Adventure, solitude and the sheer magic of trailing down the longest river in Southern Africa, are just a few of the incredible experiences this river trip has to offer. You will glide through the Richtersveld desert reserve and be left awestruck at the sheer magnitude of extraordinary wildlife, including an abundance of birds and small animals, which find their home along the banks of this extra ordinary river. Volcanic rock formations dominate the skylines, as much as the river banks heave with semi-precious stone formations. This destination remains a sight to be seen, and should be number one on any travelers list.


Aamzon River, Peru

On the banks of the Pacaya Samiria National reserve you will find more than 2 million hectares of protected land and river, in the Peruvian Amazon. Here you can discover and experience all that this serene wilderness has to offer, by taking a cruise trip or a local skiff (small boat), deep into the Amazon. It will allow you a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience magnificent wildlife such as spot monkeys, sloths, toucans and even pink dolphins! These river trips will also be able to give you a firsthand connection of what life on the river banks of the Amazon is like, when you visit the locals.


Sundays River, Addo Elephant Park, South Africa

The Addo Elephant National Park is situated on the picturesque Sundays River, which stretches all the way from the Indian Ocean to the Zuurberg Mountain ranges, in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Here you able to see a completely different side of the Addo Elephant park, as you take a river trip right through the heart of this breathtaking wilderness, that is not only home to its most famous inhabitants, the Addo Elephant, but also to the Cape Buffalo, Black Rhino, Lions and Leopards!


Stikine River, Alaska

Get back to your roots and become one with nature on an overnight river safari on the Stikine River and experience a momentous passage through the Tongass National Forest. The remote wilderness of this Alaskan destination offers you a unique opportunity to be able to take a rendezvous through this spectacular part of the world. Bird lovers be prepared to be blown away, for you are able to experience a complete spring migration first hand, and right up close.


River Nile, Egypt

The sheer vibrancy of this destination makes it impossible to resist. The incredible history and cultural background fascinates and astounds those who visit and what an Epic way to experience a river trip like no other, down the Nile River. Feel the spirit and mystery of the Pharoahs, while cruising down the fertile banks of the Nile, get off the beaten track and let the magic and allure of Egypt fill your senses. Quite simply, there is nothing on this earth that can rival the wealth of ancient roots and mystique this destination holds.


Aare River, Switzerland

The Aare River in Switzerland joins up the cities of Bern and Thun, eventually meeting the Thunersee Lake. The origin of the Aare is way up in the Aar glaciers of the Bernese Alps. Between the months of May and October, you will be able to take a relaxing tour on the Aare, through these Swiss towns and experience a unique look at the beauty of Swiss Culture. Breathtaking scenery and immaculate turquoise water will be your constant companion while you lie back and munch on loads of Swiss Chocolates.


Chao Phraya River, Bangkok

Definitely one of the most festive river trips a traveller can take. Packed with an unrivalled amount of historic scenery along the banks of this river, visitors will be left mesmerized. Climb aboard a converted rice barge and enjoy cocktails and a traditional Thai buffet as you weave your way through your river trip.

Whether your river trip is to be on a budget, or a 5-star water safari, you can be assured that no matter what corner of the earth you choose, that you will not return home feeling disappointed. There is something for the party animals, the nature lovers and the romantics on each and every single waterway all over the world but these were 7 River Trips of a Lifetime.

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I'll never get why everyone seems to like switzerland so much and finds it so beautiful...i live there and i can't find anything special about it

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