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While most of us are stuck at home wishing we could be traveling, there are always tons of great travel Instagram accounts that can take us around the world. Travel photographers love to post pictures of their adventures on their Instagram to share with the world. So you might not be able to jet-set around the globe, but with these travel instagram accounts to excite your wanderlust, you can at least pretend.

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Skimbaco If you love the architecture of the world, Skimbaco is one of the travel Instagram accounts that will excite your wanderlust. The account is run by Katja Presnal, who is the editor-in-chief of Skimbaco Lifestyle magazine. She features buildings of all sorts from Sweden to Morocco. Her pictures are simple yet intriguing and always have a ton of color in them.



EverythingEverywhere Gary Arndt of EverythingEverywhere was named the 2014 Travel Photographer of the Year and has been to 150 countries in the past 7 years. His pictures are his way of documenting his travels and they feature some of the most beautiful wildlife and landscape pictures on Instagram.



Lax2nrt The Instagram account Lax2nrt got its name because the route from LAX to Tokyo is Jen Bianco’s favorite plane route out of all her travels. She is a travel photographer who loves to showcase the interesting individuals she meets around the world. And she occasionally throws in the most adorable snapshots of puppies on her page.



Lostncheeseland Lindsey Tramuta’s account is one of the Instagram accounts to follow if you have ever fallen in love with France. She resides in Paris, and features all things Parisian in many of her photos. But she doesn't limit herself to her home. She also travels around the world and loves to show that even the simplest landscapes have their own unique beauty.


Ken Kaminesky

Ken Kaminesky My favorite thing about Ken Kaminesky’s Instagram account is that he mentions his love for cheese in his bio. His breathtaking photos are just an added perk. Not to mention that all of his photos are taken and shot on an iPhone, which makes them that much more impressive.



Luxetiffany Tiffany Dowd is living the dream life of being a luxury travel writer. She stays at some of the most fabulous hotels, resorts, and locations around the world, and documents them for your Instagram viewing pleasure. Her pictures will give you a firsthand look into the life of luxury travel, and will most likely make you insanely jealous that you are not living her life.



Earthxplorer This travel Instagram account name says it all. JD Andrews has one of the most diverse travel Instagram accounts. One picture could be of a majestic mountain landscape, and the next could be featuring the hustle and bustle of a city sidewalk. He always has the most colorful photos and sometimes includes great quotes about life and travel. And it is always interesting to see where he will pop up next.

If you are longing to see the world, travel Instagram accounts are a great way to see new and exciting places, without having to leave home. We don't all have the luxury of being world travelers, but we can still follow those who do. What did you think of these travel Instagram accounts? Are there any other Instagram accounts that feature someone's travels?

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Thank you so much! Started to follow them (yes, all of them) Cheers from London!!!

I followed them all as well! Thanks to this article! Phantastic420 is also an amazingly beautiful Instagram account with images from Japan.

Followe them all:D thanks!

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