9 Best Beaches for a Weekend Getaway ...

There’s some jolly good reasons to know of some of the best weekend beaches. When you can’t take a week or two off from work, your budget doesn’t allow for a full vacation, or you’re just looking for a short break, there are some fabulous beaches for a weekend getaway. The best weekend beaches meet the criteria of having a beautiful shoreline, a brilliant beach, views, evening entertainment and plenty of opportunities to either relax or get active in the name of having fun. Just like these:

1. La Jolla, California

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When you’ve got as much coastline as California, it’s difficult to pick out the best weekend beaches for a quick getaway. However, a few stand out. La Jolla, near San Diego, offers a quick weekend getaway for those living in areas like Phoenix, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and of course, San Diego. It offers windswept beaches, green hills, upbeat shops and restaurants, and multiple galleries. Great for strolling, photography, or just enjoying a cocktail overlooking the clear water.

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