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52 Vintage Travel Ads to Inspire Your Bucket List ...

By Neecey

As much as I love looking at high res travel photos, I find vintage travel ads just as inspiring. Eye-catching posters were used long before travel brochures and photo websites to entice tourists to fabulous destinations all over the world. Produced by some of the best graphic artists and designers of the day, these vintage travel ads are works of art in their own right.

1 India

IndiaVia Haus Design: Vintage Travel Posters
The elephant is so cute. Who wouldn't want to visit? More great vintage travel ads to come.

2 Cuba

CubaVia Havana- Welcome To Cuba Masterprint ...
Doesn't she just make you want to get sashaying to sexy Cuban rhythms.


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3 Pan American Airlines

Pan American AirlinesVia Oh...the places you'll go...

All wave to the people up top.

4 New Jersey Shore

New Jersey ShoreVia The Patriots of Mars: Image ...

This reminds me of my childhood holidays in Cornwall.

5 London Calling

London CallingVia nineteenseventythreeltd: Interview: Pintachan.

A classic image for a classic city.

6 Wisconsin

WisconsinVia Shine United

Loving how the train engine is cheese colored.

7 Australia

AustraliaVia Australia: Parrots, c.1930's Posters by ...

This one doesn't seem that "Australian" to me!

8 Hawaii

HawaiiVia Posters at

A classic depiction of Diamond Head

9 California

CaliforniaVia SCN_0045
I'm ready to strap on you water skis - are you?

10 Houston


Don't you find it interesting that the 1950's stylisation of a jet airplane looks uncannily like a space shuttle?

11 Venice,Italy

Venice,ItalyVia Italy Venice Rialto Bridge Vintage ...

Not much has changed in Venice in many decades.

12 Denmark


Probably one of the most unrealistic vintage travel ads out there. Denmark is a fabulous country but that picture is not representative.

13 Canine Travel

Canine TravelVia Buttercup Bungalow

I wonder if when they designed this they would have ever imagined dog passports and dogs traveling by airplane.

14 Palm Springs, USA

Palm Springs, USAVia Wedding Inspiration

Check out how much jewelry this gorgeous beach babe is

15 Haiti

HaitiVia The Poster Lady - Travel ...

From the days when American tourists had a love affair with Haiti. Haiti was once the most popular destination in the Caribbean.

16 United Airlines

United AirlinesVia Pitch Me Another!: Vintage Airline ...

Can you imagine that leg room and space on an airplane today/

17 Australia

AustraliaVia Immigration Museum

Even in black and white Australia is enticing.

18 San Francisco, USA

San Francisco, USAVia United Airlines San Francisco c.1950 ...
This one captures everything tourists know and love about San Fran.

19 Bermuda

BermudaVia Swann Galleries — Bermuda Date ...

Who could resist that ocean?

20 Veracruz, Mexico

Veracruz, MexicoVia Enormous Flowers

What a riot of color.

21 Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, USA

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, USAVia

The elk is a magnificent specimen isn't he?

22 Michigan, USA

Michigan, USAVia Vintage Michigan Travel Ad - ...

What family could resist the promise of so much fun?

23 United Airlines

United AirlinesVia Pitch Me Another!: Vintage Airline ...

Remember those days you didn't have to pay extra for airline food?

24 Disneyland

DisneylandVia Amusements at the Carnival

Can you imagine a poster for Disney these days being so muted and understated?

25 Brittany, France

Brittany, FranceVia 090 LA BAULE.jpg by Lucien ...

So stylish, so simple, so French!

26 Switzerland

SwitzerlandVia Carteles y afiches de viajes ...

The Land of the Alps. Says it all doesn't it.

27 Peru

PeruVia Pan Am Peru of the ...

How they used to advertise Machu Picchu

28 Union Pacific Railways

Union Pacific RailwaysVia Marketing and Advertising

Fashionable ladies take the train!

29 Leningrad,Russia

Leningrad,RussiaVia "Leningrad," circa 1931

Am loving the use of Soviet gray to promote one of the great Russian cities.

30 Hawaii

HawaiiVia Found in Mom's Basement: Vintage ...

This charming picture would certainly induce me to book a trip to Hawaii.

31 Ireland

IrelandVia Found in Mom's Basement: Vintage ...

Fancy a trip to the Emerald Isle?

32 Montana, USA

Montana, USAVia Welcome to Montana Travel Poster

What a great depiction of Montana.

33 Brittany, France

Brittany, FranceVia decologue

The essence of Brittany.

34 The Philippines

The PhilippinesVia DP Vintage Posters - Northwest ...

These days we're more likely to be seduced by the white sand beaches of Boracay.

35 Montana, USA

Montana, USAVia Vintage Travel and Tourism Ads ...

How cool is it that they featured women fishing in the Gallatin River rather than men?

36 Norway

NorwayVia Norway Poster, Vintage Norwegian Travel ...

So simple, so effective, so bang on point.

37 Chamonix-Mont. Blanc, France

Chamonix-Mont. Blanc, FranceVia Chamonix-Mont. Blanc

All year round advertising on one travel poster.

38 Chicago, USA

Chicago, USAVia Buckingham Fountain

A fountain as the focal point promises dramatic sighs on the streets of the Windy City.

39 Hyderabad, India

Hyderabad, IndiaVia Hey Oscar Wilde!

Is it my imagination or is that Doctor Who's TARDIS in the bottom left?

40 New York, USA

New York, USAVia New York by Pennsylvania Railroad ...

A timeless message that never changes.

41 Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, JapanVia Lufthansa - Tokio

Minimalist yet effective - the essence of Japan.

42 Naples, Italy

Naples, ItalyVia Carteles y afiches de viajes ...
The sweeping bay of Naples takes center stage.

43 USA

USAVia Greyhound Presents The USA

Travel by bus to see the best the US has to offer.

44 Spain

SpainVia The Vintage Poster - Otto ...

Sultry Spanish ladies still beckon you to sample the charms of the Iberian Peninsula.

45 Rome, Italy

Rome, ItalyVia Rome Italy Tourism Travel Vintage ...

I think this couild be any ancient city in Mediterranean Europe.

46 Europe

EuropeVia Pan American: Fly to Europe ...

A stylized skyline that is instantly recognizable as Europe.

47 Colorado,USA

Colorado,USAVia Braniff Airways Poster Art

It's good to be reminded of all these once famous airlines that no longer exist.

48 The Blue Mountains, Australia

The Blue Mountains, AustraliaVia Blue Mountains NSW Australia

The message couldn't be more clear.

49 Minnesota Lakes,USA

Minnesota Lakes,USAVia Minnesota Lakes Fashion Lady Boat ...

Whatever the product beautiful women have always been at the heart of advertising.

50 Scotland -

Scotland -Via King's Cross for Scotland, LNER, ...

This is one of the vintage travel ads that truly displays the classic art deco design.

51 Hangon Merikylpyla,Finland

Hangon Merikylpyla,FinlandVia

Travel posters are also a great source of he fashions of the day.

52 The Titanic

Via Vintage Travel Posters We Want ...

Now you know what enticed all those passengers on board the greatest ocean-going liner the world had ever seen.

Are you loving these posters? Do you have a favorite?

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