7 Fascinating Travel Posters That Will Make You Want to Book a Vacation ...


7 Fascinating Travel Posters That Will Make You Want to Book a Vacation ...
7 Fascinating Travel Posters That Will Make You Want to Book a Vacation ...

It doesn’t take a big push to get most of us in the mood for a vacation, so looking at travel posters might take away our last bit of indecision. Of course, if you have to wait a while before you can book your trip due to job constraints; at least you can frame your next adventure. Whether you’re a beach bathing beauty or an art aficionado, you’ll find a nice mix of destinations by looking at these travel posters.

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Venice, Italy

art,poster,modern art,VENISE,LIDO, I love travel posters and this vintage piece by artist Vittorio Grassi with that shimmering canal has me ready to pack my bags. Time your trip so you can catch the Venice Film Festival at the end of August. Major cities like Florence and Milan are less than 200 miles away.



poster,text,cartoon,advertising,comics, I saw the poster, then I saw the country, and I just couldn’t make sense of it. Who thinks of beaches and Germany in the same breath? But it turns out that not only does Germany have beaches, bathing suits are optional. So if you want to explore some nude sunbathing on your next vacation, head for one of the many nude beaches Germany has to offer.


Train Travel Abroad

advertising,poster,magazine,NEW,PULLMAN, The Southern Belle ran from London to Brighton, a popular seaside spot. I’ve always thought it would be oh so cool to ride to your destination on a luxurious train. Mysterious looking travelers, impromptu dinner plans with strangers, it all sounds so devilishly delicious. All aboard!


Las Vegas, Nevada

poster,advertising,comic book,There's,always, This 1950s travel poster featuring Las Vegas resorts is like a self-fulfilling prophecy! Four of these six hotels were imploded, while the Sahara was totally revamped into a luxury boutique hotel. Today, only the Flamingo remains, though vastly different. What happens in Vegas today just might implode tomorrow.


Coronado, California

poster,illustration,HOTEL,DEL, I’m mad about Coronado Island, and the beach is considered the very best in the US! The Hotel Del Coronado is magnificent, but with prices to match. I stayed at the charming Glorietta Bay Inn, which offered accommodations that are more reasonable, and walked one block to the beach. I highly recommend this picturesque beach town.


Niagara Falls

drink,food,NEW,YOR,NTR, Located between Ontario, Canada and New York State, The Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls make up the trio of waterfalls that are Niagara Falls. What an incredible display of power. The Falls are a popular honeymoon destination; just don’t go over them in a barrel.


New York City

poster,advertising,skyline,album cover,New, With all due respect to King Kong, I never felt the urge to visit the top of the Empire State Building, and I lived in New York for half of my life. Your time is better spent exploring fascinating neighborhoods like Little Italy and Greenwich Village, shopping or browsing, and eating terrific pizza and Chinese food.

These fabulous posters make me realize it’s been a long time between vacations. I remember freezing winters in New York when I would count the days until I could see Palm trees and sunny skies. Now, there are Palm trees outside my door and I search the sky for clouds to block the scorching heat of the sun. Funny how that goes. Where do you like to vacation? If you live in a warm climate, do you seek cooler places for your getaway?

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