9 Tantalizing Beaches of Turkey That Will Delight You ...

It took a while for holidaymakers to discover the magnificent beaches of Turkey, but discover them they did, and now, Turkey is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Its coastline is long and varied, and there are magnificent beaches all along it. Although the Black sea coast is ruggedly beautiful, it is somewhat chilly compared to the Aegean and Mediterranean coastal areas, and you’ll find the best beaches of Turkey in the west and south. Here are some beaches that can only be described as Turkish Delight!

1. Iztuzu Beach

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Also known as Turtle Beach because it is one of the most important Mediterranean breeding sites for Loggerhead turtles, Iztuzu Beach is in the southwest of Turkey, near Dalyan. Iztuzu was voted as number one in the choice of best beaches of Turkey of 2013 by Tripadvisor users. It is a beautiful 4.5 km narrow stretch of golden sand between the delta of the Dalyan River and the Med. Reachable by water taxi, thanks to being a protected wildlife area it is not overrun by tourist developments, but there are sun beds and parasols which are definitely needed when the temp soars to 40°C.

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