7 Delectable Foodie Hotels in the US You'll Find Irresistible ...

You up for a delicious gourmet experience and a trip to one of the best foodie hotels in the US? Food is such a part of any trip, but when you are a foodie or a gastronome, you want to be certain that your destination is going to tantalize your taste buds, and if it’s in a lovely location, that’s a bonus. You don’t have to check in at fancy 5* hotels in the great cities to find the best US hotels for food lovers either. They are spread all about the entire nation and you never know, there might be one that’s tucked away close enough for you to make a weekend trip to. Here’s just a small menu of some great foodie hotels in the US:

1. Blackberry Farm, Tennessee

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Luxury comes as standard at Blackberry Farm and this is not just in the surroundings, but the food as well. Lodged at the base of the Smoky Mountains in Walland, this 4,200 acre farm puts food at the heart of the experience and is a prime example of quality US foodie hotels. It could be crackers and cheese in your room, or dinner in the restored barn, but the food is the thing you will talk about. Breakfast can last as long as you want and then lunch will be made up of a wide range of products grown on the property. The most ardent wine drinker should be impressed by a wine list with 160,000 bottles on it. You get Southern cooking at its best in stunning surroundings and what better way to work off the excesses than with a hike through the glorious mountain scenery.

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