7 Delectable Foodie Hotels in the US You'll Find Irresistible ...


7 Delectable Foodie Hotels in the US You'll Find Irresistible ...
7 Delectable Foodie Hotels in the US You'll Find Irresistible ...

You up for a delicious gourmet experience and a trip to one of the best foodie hotels in the US? Food is such a part of any trip, but when you are a foodie or a gastronome, you want to be certain that your destination is going to tantalize your taste buds, and if it’s in a lovely location, that’s a bonus. You don’t have to check in at fancy 5* hotels in the great cities to find the best US hotels for food lovers either. They are spread all about the entire nation and you never know, there might be one that’s tucked away close enough for you to make a weekend trip to. Here’s just a small menu of some great foodie hotels in the US:

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Blackberry Farm, Tennessee

Blackberry Farm, Tennessee Luxury comes as standard at Blackberry Farm and this is not just in the surroundings, but the food as well. Lodged at the base of the Smoky Mountains in Walland, this 4,200 acre farm puts food at the heart of the experience and is a prime example of quality US foodie hotels. It could be crackers and cheese in your room, or dinner in the restored barn, but the food is the thing you will talk about. Breakfast can last as long as you want and then lunch will be made up of a wide range of products grown on the property. The most ardent wine drinker should be impressed by a wine list with 160,000 bottles on it. You get Southern cooking at its best in stunning surroundings and what better way to work off the excesses than with a hike through the glorious mountain scenery.


Los Poblanos, New Mexico

Los Poblanos, New Mexico Los Poblanos just screams peace and serenity, or rather just whispers it. Your arrival will take you past lotus blossom festooned ponds and kitchen gardens before arriving at your impressively sized guestroom with a stunning view of the garden. While here you will delight at what is known as Rio Grande Valley cuisine including dishes containing sweet and spicy pecans and a local version of shakshuka which is a stew of eggs and tomatoes, perfectly spiced. Picture yourself eating by the fountain and under a lovely clear sky and you are picturing your stay here. Spend the day out seeing the sights of Albuquerque, then back to Los Poblanos for an early evening swim before dinner on the hacienda terrace at one of the more off-the-beaten-track foodie hotels in the US.


Inn at Palmetto Bluff, South Carolina

Inn at Palmetto Bluff, South Carolina There’s no denying the hospitality of Southern Food and it is very much the highlight of the Inn at Palmetto Bluff, Bluffton. The charms however are not restricted to the menu. The inn itself is outstanding, and there is also 20,000 acres to explore and enjoy along the May River. The property is large enough to warrant that guests use golf carts to travel around the grounds. The food here isn’t just a meal, it’s an experience. Ride a bike to a traditional shrimp and grits breakfast in the clubhouse or sit on the riverbank while oysters are roasted over a wood fire. After eating your fill, relax in the spa or just get out and about in the grounds.


The Willows Inn, Washington

The Willows Inn, Washington Just a couple of hours from Seattle, the Willows Inn on tiny Lummi Island is run by Blaine Wetzel. Meals have their ingredients sourced from the local farms and the ocean, with courses served in a leisurely and friendly manner. The meal starts with a snack size portion of smoked salmon or halibut skins and then you move onto venison Carpaccio – and how else would you cut it other than with an obsidian dagger. You may not have 5 star surroundings but you will have 5 star meals and it is one of the nicest, yet unassuming US hotels for food lovers. Don’t let the humble setting fool you. Blaine spent time honing his culinary skills at Noma in Denmark – the world’s best restaurant for two years running 2011-12.


Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado

Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado Dunton Hot Springs is not far from Telluride and was at one time left as a ghost town, but since it has been brought back into life, there have been many changes. The words that have been used to describe a stay at here have been rustic and rugged, which is no surprise as you get to stay in restored miners cabins. It is a wonderful feeling to be eating in the mountains and when you are exhausted from riding and hiking and exploring, it seems even better. Get your fill of lovely fresh Colorado air and then tuck into pork tacos, lamb loin and huckleberry turnovers. Of course, you can then take your after dinner snifter or coffee to the hot springs soaking pool.


Wequassett Resort and Golf Club, Massachusetts

Wequassett Resort and Golf Club, Massachusetts Are you with me when I say that if you are going to tuck into some of the best seafood, you want it dished up with the most amazing views of the ocean that spawned it? At the Wequasett Resort in Chatham you stay in typical clapboard cottages set in 27 acres of oceanfront grounds that overlook bobbing fishing boats. Come meal time you can tuck into the most succulent, buttery soft lobster with a magnificent view of Pleasant Bay to drink in. Stay during July or August and you can enjoy live outdoor jazz performances.


Post Ranch Inn, California

Post Ranch Inn, California Of course, California is going to have some of the great US gourmet hotels. This is where a food and hotel experience really comes together. The hotel is all small buildings offering amazing guest privacy and all sit on a ridge some 1,200 feet above the ocean of Big Sur. Your accommodation has huge picture windows to let the breeze in and bath tubs big enough for two. Or just one, if you over indulge from the delectable menu of dishes prepared with ingredients grown on the roof garden or supplied by the property’s 100 acre ranch. You can even order a packed lunch and nip off for a drive down the Pacific Coast Highway in the hotel’s convertible made available to guests.

Is your name going to be in the reservations book at one of these US foodie hotels?

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