7 Best Road Trips in Australia for Adventures down under ...

If there’s one type of vacation that you really shouldn’t miss out on, it’s road trips in Australia. If you are fortunate enough to visit the land down under, getting out on the road is a brilliant way to see some of the best this magnificent country offers. The wide open road take you along superb coastlines or across massive plains. With exciting towns to stop at along the way, there’s no shortage of fun things to see and do on road trips in Australia.

1. Cairns to Cooktown (the Bloomfield Track)

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The Cairns to Cooktown drive is one of the most challenging road trips in Australia, and can be undertaken either as a return trip along either the inland or coastal road (known as the Bloomfield Track), or as a circuit involving both. The Bloomfield Track is a well-known four-wheel drive trail, which provides tourists with stunning views of the coast although it becomes practically impassable during the wet season, whilst the inland road allows you to experience the Australian outback first-hand. If you’re interested in seeing the world renowned Daintree National Park and Cape Tribulation areas however, the Bloomfield Track is a must!

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