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If you’re up for an adventure then you should consider this list of 9 amazing lighthouses to stay in for your next holiday. Lighthouses are commonly known as coastal guardians who safely keep ships away from land at nighttime, and now some will even allow you sleep safely beneath their lights for the night! An overnight stay in a lighthouse is something different, adding adventure, romance and fun to your next holiday. If you’re keen for a different type of overnight stay you should consider these lighthouses to stay in for your next holiday.

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Saugerties Lighthouse - Saugerties, New York

Saugerties Lighthouse is a well-known landmark on the Hudson River. Built in 1869 at the mouth of the Esopus Creek, Saugerties Lighthouse now offers overnight Bed and Breakfast accommodations, public tours and special events. This beautiful lighthouse is furnished, as it would have looked in the early 20th century adding a sense of history and adventure to your stay! This lighthouse tops the list of lighthouses to stay in because of its beautiful panoramic views of the Hudson River Valley and the Catskill Mountains.
For more information please see: saugertieslighthouse.com


East Brother Light Station -Richmond, California

The East Brother Light Station is a beautifully restored California Victorian Lighthouse, Bed and Breakfast Inn perched atop an island in the strait that separated San Francisco and San Pablo Bays. The island that this lighthouse is located on is a mere 10 minute boat ride away from San Francisco but once in the lighthouse inn you will feel to be a world away from the bustling cities and crowds. The East Brother Light Station has been an active lighthouse for more than 130 years, and can you really imagine anything more than exciting than an overnight stay in a real, active lighthouse?
For more information please see: ebls.org


Keepers House - Isle Au Haut, Maine

This beautiful and romantic lighthouse located on the cozy Isle au Haut in Maine, is one of the most romantic lighthouses on this list. Dense spruce forests and beautiful island panoramas surround this operating lighthouse, which sits atop rugged ledges overlooking the Atlantic. Built in 1907, this restored lighthouse is now an inn and museum where its visitors can take a step back in time and experience the beauty of yesteryear. Make sure you keep an eye out for local wildlife such as deer, seals, osprey and porpoises while staying on the Isle au Haut.
For more information please see: keepershouse.com


Byron Bay Lighthouse and Cottages - New South Wales, Australia

This iconic lighthouse located in Byron Bay is a must see for anyone visiting the area. This lighthouse is Australia’s most easterly lighthouse making it the most perfect spot in all of Australia to see the sunrise. The rugged headland walk surrounding this lighthouse offers views of both the nearby rainforest gullies and the stunning ocean views. The Byron Bay Lighthouse is a great spot for watching dolphins, turtles, surfers and even humpback whales on their annual migration.
For more information please see: byronbaylighthouse.com


Bathurst Point Lighthouse - Rottnest Island, Western Australia

This amazing lighthouse is one of only two lighthouses located on the secluded Rottnest Island, a small island located off the coast of Western Australia. This lighthouse is located at Bathurst Point, in the north east of Rottnest Island. Bathurst Lighthouse serves as the rear light, which guides ships departing from Fremantle through the reefs near the island. While staying on the island you stay in the former lighthouse attendant’s cottages, which are in a secluded location away from the rest of the island. Perfect for an adventure or for a quick getaway!
For more information please see: rottnestisland.com


Cantick Head Lighthouse -Orkney Islands, Scotland

This scenic lighthouse is located in Longhope, a costal settlement on the island of South Walls, in Orkney. The accommodation was once the homes of the Victorian lighthouse keepers adding a sense of history and adventure to your stay! With two cats, and some hens strolling around, this lighthouse is pet friendly and a beautiful location for all.
For more information please see: cantickhead.com


Somerset Lighthouse -Somerset, England

This lighthouse accommodation claims to be the only lighthouse in the UK that allows for guests to rent the entire tower. This lighthouse is, 3 bedrooms spread over eight amazing floors. This lighthouse boasts 120 steps to spectacular views across the Bristol Channel. But watch out, the moaning ghost of a dead laborer supposedly haunts this lighthouse!
For more information please see: lighthouseholiday.com


Roter Sand Lighthouse -Wangerooge Island, Germany

The Roter Sand Lighthouse is found six miles northeast of the island of Wangerooge in the middle of the North Sea. This lighthouse is for the real adventurous type considering its out there location and very basic accommodation. If you really want to know how lighthouse keepers used to live then this lighthouse is the one for you. Be ready to dispense of some of your creature comforts but in return you are gifted with some of the most beautiful views of the surrounding marine environment.
For more information please see: quirkyaccom.com


The Lighthouse Island Bay -Island Bay, New Zealand

The keep is a wonderfully romantic accommodation located a mere half a mile away from the amazing lighthouse of Island Bay. This unique self-sufficient accommodation even has a hatch up onto the roof so that you’re able to get to the very most top point for the most beautiful panoramic views you can imagine! While The Keep is only available for singles or a couple as it just has the one bedroom it’s a wonderfully amazing and adventurous place for you to find yourself or for a quiet romantic getaway with your loved one.
For more information please see: thelighthouse.net.nz

These lighthouses to stay in will add a sense adventure and romance to your next holiday! Not only that but they offer some of the most beautiful views that you will ever set your sights on. Hopefully this list gives you some ideas of different accommodation you should consider for your next holiday. Which lighthouse is your dream holiday adventure?

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