7 Top European Beach Destinations ...


7 Top European Beach Destinations ...
7 Top European Beach Destinations ...

Which of the top European beaches will you lie on next? I’ve put together a diverse and varied list of top European beaches for you to choose from. Of course, everybody has their own very individual criteria so I’ve tried to provide an assortment; each is unique and some will suit you more than others. Most top European beaches will be on the Mediterranean Sea but oen or two might creep in from elsewhere. By booking in advance and by planning well, the high costs of visiting Europe can be reduced to allow you to enjoy one or more of these top European beaches during your summer vacation or European tour this year. Here’s 7 Top European Beach Destinations:

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Amalfi Coast, Italy

The 50 kilometer stretch of the Amalfi Coast, in south west Italy (think south of Naples) is stunningly beautiful and has abundant pungent citrus groves, winding roads, towering cliffs, whitewashed villas and hundreds of vineyards. The whole area has attracted the rich and famous for many years, but despite the area’s long standing and understandable popularity, the unforgiving terrain has prevented the coastline from becoming over-developed. Ravello and Sorrento are both fabulous and well worth a visit as is the town of Positano, which the glitterati consider has one of the best beaches in Europe. Choose bed and breakfasts rather than the upmarket hotels if you’re on a budget.


Sesimbra, Portugal

Sesimbra is situated on Portugal’s Atlantic west coast and is a fishing port as well as a tourist resort. The resort has a top European beach as well as a long promenade, crystal clear sea and quite a few luxury hotels. Although Sesimbra has undergone plenty of development, it has also managed to retain a village atmosphere and rustic charm. The resort is the complete opposite to the over popular and flashy Algarve in the south. It’s particularly popular with Lisbonites trying to escape their busy urban lives. The bay in Sesimbra is a great place to swim and for dolphin watching, there are lots of fish and seafood restaurants and cafés along the coast serving delicious local catches of the day.


Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia is one of biggest islands in the Mediterranean and has long been enjoyed by the beautiful people, island hoppers, celebrities and affluent travelers. It is a destination of contrasts, cosmopolitan and historic, lively and laid-back. Sardinia has abundantly delightful scenery, charming villages, translucent turquoise sea and some of the best beaches in Europe. Porto Rotundo and Costa Smeralda are the best places on Sardinia for celebrity spotting.


Kefalonia, Greece

Kefalonia is one of the biggest Ionian Islands and ever since Captain Corelli’s Mandolin became a best-selling novel, it has also become one of the most popular Greek islands. It has rugged mountains, stunning cliffs, sprawling olive groves, roman ruins and some top European beaches. There are plenty of places that will hire you a boat to explore some of the secluded bays and coves that are inaccessible on foot or by road.



Despite having an unsettled past, Croatia is now a welcoming and safe country as well an increasingly popular and much loved tourist destination. The rapid development of Croatia has been well managed and the bustling fishing villages, historical towns and quiet places have been left untouched and it is now one of Europe’s most evocative and unspoilt places to holiday. A large part of Croatia’s appeal is the rugged coastline which includes some of the top beaches in Europe. Dubrovnik is a unique and special city which has preserved its Baroque, Renaissance and Gothic architecture.


Corsica, France

Despite being a stunningly beautiful island with a warm and temperate climate that has attracted tourists for decades, Corsica hasn’t succumbed to the developers. Sun worshipers flock to the island for its rocky coves, diverse landscape and some of the best beaches in Europe. Plage de Loto and Plage de Saleccia need a bit of an arduous trek to reach, but it’s worth it. When you get to either, you’ll swear you never saw sea that color before.


Patara, Turkey

Patara is a village that is situated on the Turkish Aegean coast and has one of the very best beaches in Europe. Legend has it that Apollo was born in Patara, and it was also an important harbor throughout the Roman Empire. Modern day Patara attracts bohemian tourists, Turkish day trippers and at certain times of the year, nesting turtles! Because Turkey isn’t in the euro-zone, trips to Patara aren’t as expensive as they are to other top European beach destinations.

Some of these top European beach estinations are busy and popular, but you should be able to find quieter spots by moving away from the resort centres. So from the coasts of France, Greece, Italy and Spain and from the Mediterranean to the Baltic, your final choice of top European beaches really is down to you!

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