9 Cheap Destinations for Student Vacations ...

You’re still in school and think that traveling is just so far away because of a limited budget right, but what if I let you in on the cheap destinations for student vacations? These destinations are achievable as long as you save enough and accept that after your initial flight there, you’ll be carrying a backpack, staying in cheap student-friendly accommodation, getting around by bus and train and on shanks’s pony and visiting attractions that don’t have entrance fees. But none of that is of any real consequence because you’ll have so much to see and do. These cheap destinations for student vacations are all about the experience, not the great hotel you stayed in!

1. Wild Coast, South Africa

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South Africa is spectacular and one of the cheap destinations for student vacations. The Wild Coast along the Eastern Cape coastline, previously known as the Transkei, is one of the most beautiful areas in the world. Known for its rugged beauty and charm, the area is famous for backpackers who head out to the small village of Coffee Bay on the coastline. Remote and peaceful, it is perfect for hiking, diving and exploring nature.

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