10 Astounding Australian Beaches ...


10 Astounding Australian Beaches ...
10 Astounding Australian Beaches ...

If there’s one leisure activity forever associated with Australia it is surfing, and for surfing you must have those glorious Australian beaches. But the cashmere soft sands, clear sparkling waters and lovely settings aren’t just for surfers. Anyone with a love of the seaside will find a home on any one of a simply massive number of Australian beaches. I set myself the impossible task of narrowing it down to just 10 choices, so here are my astounding beaches in Australia.

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Cape Tribulation Beach, Queensland

Cape Tribulation Beach, Queensland Cape Tribulation Beach is a stunning, wide sandy beach nestled up against some of Queensland’s richest tropical old growth rainforest, in the Daintree National Park, just north of Cape Tribulation. As Cape Tribulation Beach is one of the most visually striking Australian beaches, however, it does attract a lot of tourists, so it’s best if you visit early in the morning and enjoy the Coral Sea views before the crowds roll in.


Fish Hook Bay, Western Australia

Fish Hook Bay, Western Australia Fish Hook Bay, located on breathtaking Rottnest Island just off the West Australian coast, is certainly one of the most outstanding beaches in Australia, especially if you’re interested in snorkeling, as the marine life here is amazingly varied. The terrestrial portion of the beach is also stunning, with tall limestone cliffs stretching down to meet the clear turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean.


Palm Cove, Queensland

Palm Cove, Queensland Located just north of Cairns in far north Queensland, Palm Cove is without question one of the most relaxing beaches in Australia – if not the most. The seashore itself is lined with large sweeping palm trees, which lean out over the pristine white sand; the esplanade offers an unmatched selection of fine dining restaurants, all with fantastic ocean views. If you can picture yourself drinking cocktails and eating freshly caught seafood whilst watching the sun slowly set over the Pacific Ocean, then Palm Cove is the place for you.


Bondi Beach, New South Wales

Bondi Beach, New South Wales Bondi Beach, located near Sydney, has been a favourite with the locals since the mid 1800s, and is still one of the most frequented and famous beaches in Australia. The reason for Bondi’s popularity becomes apparent as soon as you set foot on the sand, as the region offers up great weather, surf and swimming. You also need not worry if you’re not a strong swimmer, as the particularly fit and tanned team of Bondi lifeguards who patrol the beach are always close by.


Surfers Paradise, Queensland

Surfers Paradise, Queensland Surfers Paradise is undoubtedly one of the most famous beaches in Australia, as it is the exemplification of what an Australian beach should be: sun, sand and surf. Located 80 kilometres south of Brisbane City, it is also extremely easy to access. If you fancy surfing, or learning to surf, Surfers Paradise really lives up to its name. However, if surfing is not your cup of tea, you may like to head to the beachside markets, or relax at one of the numerous award winning restaurants which skirt the seashore.

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Byron Bay (Main Beach), New South Wales

Byron Bay (Main Beach), New South Wales Byron Bay in northern New South Wales is essentially a surf town, which has stuck proudly to its roots. This, in turn, has hindered the construction of high rises and over-development along its shores, resulting in some of the most stunning beaches in Australia. One of the highlights of Byron Bay, however, is the snorkeling at Main Beach, with a small wreck located just off coast providing a starting point for your underwater adventure.


St Kilda Beach, Victoria

St Kilda Beach, Victoria St Kilda Beach, just south of Melbourne, is one of the trendiest beaches in Australia. It features a great mix of traditional beach activities, such as swimming, snorkeling, kite surfing and sailing, in addition to hip restaurants, clubs and bars. This makes St Kilda Beach the perfect getaway if you’re interested in relaxing all day and partying all night! And who could resist those darling Victorian beach huts?


Mindil Beach, Northern Territory

Mindil Beach, Northern Territory Mindil Beach, situated near Darwin’s bustling central business district, provides a 500 meter long sanctuary from the noise and stress of city life. The best time to visit Mindil Beach is definitely at sunset, as the sunsets here are like something out of a dream. After you finish taking in the sunset, you also have the option of heading to Mindil Beach Market, which begins just before the sun starts to go down and continues into the night.


Shell Beach, Western Australia

Shell Beach, Western Australia Shell Beach, which is situated in the Shark Bay area roughly 800 kilometres north of Perth, is certainly well off the beaten tourist track. It is however one of the most naturally beautiful beaches in Australia, boasting pristine aquamarine water and tiny white shells in place of sand. One of the main benefits of Shell Beach, however, is that you will most likely have the whole beach to yourself!


Cable Beach, Western Australia

Cable Beach, Western Australia Cable Beach, near Broome in Western Australia, is world renowned for its amazing Indian Ocean sunsets, beautiful clear water and pristine white sand. The first thing that you will probably notice, however, is the quirky camel train, which affords you the opportunity to explore the whole 22 kilometre stretch of beach by camel. If this doesn’t sound like your idea of fun, there is certainly enough space for you to find your own little piece of paradise somewhere along the beach.

There are so many beaches in Australia and pretty much every one of them is fabulous. Where’s your favorite?

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Innes National Park in the Yorke Peninsula in SA have great beaches. You should consider getting an Aussie writer to write these types of articles. We can tell you the best spots and there won't be any errors cos we live here :)

I just wouldn't swim in the water because it's a bit polluted and dirty

I love Lighthouse Beach in Port Macquarie, up the coast of NSW. Or Shelley Beach there. Love Bondi, but prefer Manly over Bondi, it's a little less crowded. Maroubra beach is lovely too.

Brighton or mordialic maybe But st kilda is a nice beach but not so much for swimming

Great Article! I really love reading your articles they are all interesting. Can you post an article on Laos as I will be visiting soon :)

Manly near Sydney. Also up the coast to palm beach and all in between are beautiful Sydney northern beaches

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