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The beaches of Thailand are the stuff of dreams. For such a small country, it’s a wonder how Thailand lucked out with so many beautiful beaches. These aren’t your average run of the mill patches of sand with sea water either. The beaches in Thailand are exquisite, complete with dramatic cliffs covered in tropical plants, snow-white sand and crystal blue waters; you’ll feel like you’re on the set of an exotic photo shoot. There are plenty of brilliant reasons to visit this fascinating country but at the top has to be the beaches of Thailand. Here’s just 8 Tantilizing Thai Beaches:

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Hat Phra Nang, Railay

Get ready to bring out the camera because Hat Phra Nang is paradise on earth. The only thing between you and the warm waters of the Andaman Sea is powdery sand and a few steps. In the distance you’ll hear the putter of traditional Thai longtail boats while behind you will be the craggy cliffs and cave of this ecological masterpiece. Sunsets over this strip of paradise are especially beautiful, the purple and pink-hued cloudless skies reflected brilliantly on the blue sea. A beach in Thailand this nice cannot stay undiscovered though, and it can get quite busy during the tourist season. Luckily, Thai beaches tend to stay nice and warm throughout the year.


Hat Khao Lak

Ideal for pure relaxation, or jungle-themed day trips, Hat Khao Lak has a little something for everyone. This expansive Thai beach complete with soft golden sand seems like it stretches to infinity. The Surin and Similan Islands are a short but sweet boat ride away and further inland is a beautiful tropical jungle to explore


Ko Tao

If there’s beach in Thailand to get stranded on, it’s Ko Tao. Split into two sections, the west side is full of beachside bars whilst the east side feels like a scene from Gilligan’s Island. Ko Tao is also well known for its excellent diving almost all year round.


Ko Mak & Ko Kut

Beaches in Thailand don’t get much better than Ko Mak and Ko Kut. More isolated than other locations, indulge in the shallow warm waters of these two island jewels. Largely untouched, it provides everything a beach needs without the corporate clutter.


Ko Ngai

Within sight of the mainland, Ko Ngai boasts beautiful and soft white sands which stretch into deeper waters filled with sea life and coral reefs. This Thai beach is a great little getaway from the mainland and also a good spot for beginning divers and snorkelers.


Ao Bang Thao, Phuket

8km of palm trees, white sand and calm, warm blue water, Ao Bang Thao is one of more well-known beaches in Thailand. Indulge in the opportunity to ride an elephant on the beach and enjoy the scenery of Thai long-tail boats and picturesque beach huts.


Ko Pha-Ngan

Thailand’s famous for its wild parties and in Ko Pha-Ngan, the party atmosphere is combined with a tropical beach wonderland. Especially popular during full moon nights, let loose and party at this Thai beach with visitors from all around the world.


Maya Bay

One of the most photographed and stunning of Thai beaches, Maya Bay is on one of the tiny islands next to Koh Phi Phi, the legendary location for the filming of the Leonardo Dicaprio movie, The Beach. Remember those Limestone rocks that tower out of the water? Maya Bay is tiny and only reachable by boat.

It’s such a shame that there’s only enough room to wax lyrical about 8 Tantilizing Thai Beaches, there really is a list as long as your arm. Whether you’re in the Pacific South China Sea, or the Andaman Sea on the Indian Ocean Coast, there’s a mass of incredible Thai beaches. Swim, snorkel, dive, or just sun bathe and drink in the surroundings – can you wait to get there?

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