9 Secret Caribbean Beaches ...


Secret Caribbean beaches are every traveler’s dream; a crescent of alabaster white sand with a band of palms to the back and a translucent, sparkling azure ocean in front. There isn’t another person in sight, no cruise ships, no vendors, no hotels and definitely no other tourists on my secret Caribbean beach. So just in case you are another traveler in search of perfect seclusion, here are 9 Secret Caribbean Beaches, but please don’t go (well, not at the same time as me anyway)!

1. La Blanquilla, Venezuela

La Blanquilla, Venezuela

La Blanquilla is on White island, which is one of Venezuela’s offshore dependencies in the west of the Caribbean Sea. The island is uninhabited except for the coastguard, occasional fisherman or small tour group. The tranquil, turquoise ocean and secret Caribbean beaches make it a favorite stopping point for independent sailors. In the know charter skippers take divers to investigate the undersea wall which is home to one of the rarest black corals anywhere.

Smuggler’s Cove, British Virgin Isles
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