25 Secrets of Disneyland ...


25 Secrets of Disneyland ...
25 Secrets of Disneyland ...

If you keep in mind these secrets of Disneyland while on your next Disney trip and you’ll be sure to have a whole new experience! These are tips and tricks to remember next time you’re in the land of Disney to not only make you feel like a real insider, but some of them might also score you some very cool mementoes. I hope you have fun trying out these secrets of Disneyland!

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The Light That Never Goes out

Kicking off this list of secrets of Disneyland is one you have to keep an eye out for. Above the fire station in Main Street is where Walt Disney himself had an apartment, and when he was there he would leave a light on so that the workers would know he was there in the park. Nowadays, the light is left on permanently to show that Walt will always be at Disneyland. The only time the light is turned off is out of respect when his daughters are in the park.


Fastest Spinning Teacup

If you’re looking for a wilder experience at the Mad Hatter’s ride, the lavender coloured teacup spins the fastest - get in quick!


Listen Carefully

Throughout the park, there are sound effects being played which help to really set the scene, so be sure to keep an ear open! For example, in the train station at New Orleans Square, if you listen carefully you can hear Walt Disney’s opening day speech played out in Morse Code!


Club 33

Hidden away in the depths of Disneyland is the ultra-exclusive Club 33. This is the only place in the entire park that sells alcohol, but the waiting list is around 10 years, after which you will have to pay an initial membership of $25,000, then $10,000 per year after that.


Take a Deep Breath

Smellitizers are at work all throughout Disneyland! For most of the year, the smell of vanilla is pumped throughout the streets, except for Christmas when this smell is changed to peppermint!


Rub the Apple

While waiting in line for Snow White’s Scary Adventure, be sure to rub the brass apple above the spell book - you will hear thunder crack and the Evil Witch cackling!


Real Tombstones

It is said that some of the tombstones you see while riding in the Haunted Mansion are actually real, and are the graves of some of the people who helped to make Disneyland a reality.


Ignore the Signs

While in the Indiana Jones waiting line, once you enter the temple, take note of the signs, then ignore them! When you come across a sign saying “Do Not Pull”, or something similar, do the opposite and you will hear some very cool stuff.


The Matterhorn Court

Did you know that inside the top of The Matterhorn there is a basketball court? And a ping pong table? This is a cozy area in which workers at the park can relax in between shifts and on their lunch breaks.


Baby Care Room

If you’re a mum with a small child at Disneyland, you will really appreciate this secret! At the end of Main Street you’ll find the Disneyland Baby Care Centre. In here are rocking chairs, microwaves for heating up bottles, changing tables, and all the supplies you could need, such as nappies.


Go Away Green

Hidden around Disneyland is a special colour known as ‘Go Away Green’ or ‘Noseeum Green’. The things that need to blend into the background, such as rubbish bins or unattractive buildings (and the entrance to Club 33!) are painted this colour so you don’t really notice them at all.


California Screamin’ Countdown

While you’re on the California Screamin’ ride, listen out for the countdown - it’s done by Neil Patrick Harris!


Edible Plants

While in Tomorrowland, if you’re feeling extra hungry, just take a nibble on the plants! Every plant in Tomorrowland is edible.


Disney Birthday

If it’s your birthday while you’re at Disneyland, make sure you let the person at the gate know as you enter. You’ll be given a birthday badge, then as you walk through the park, characters will come up and wish you a happy birthday, as well as giving you lots of little presents.


The Evil Queen

While you’re passing Snow White’s Castle, make sure you look up - for a few seconds every couple of minutes, the Evil Queen appears in the window.


Early and Exclusive

If you’re really dedicated, head to the park before opening at around 6:30am. You might be one of the few lucky guests chosen to enter the park early and get a very special ride on Space Mountain.


Free Coffee

If you purchase a cup of coffee at Market House, so long as you keep your cup, you can get free refills throughout the day.


New Years’ Celebration

At 11.50pm on New Year’s Eve, all of the characters in the park come together to celebrate the New Year. This is definitely one you should not miss!


Free Day Pass

If you’ve only got a single day pass for Disneyland, be on the lookout for a worker with a tablet. Approach them, answer their questionnaire and get another free day pass for tomorrow. Hooray!


Disappearing Moon

As you float past the Blue Bayou, look up. You’ll see a shooting star and a moon that appears, disappears, then reappears!


The Rebel Spy

Once you sit down on the Star Tours ride, pull a funny face and look at the screen. You’ll be cast as the Rebel Spy!


As the intergalactic journey unfolds, your silly mug may be plastered for all fellow travelers to see. This hilarious highlight could become a cherished memory of your trip to Disneyland, so don’t be shy – strike a pose! It’s a secret touch that adds to the interactive elements of the park, making you the star of the show. Just remember, the identity of the Rebel Spy is selected randomly each ride, so make your face count, because you never know when you'll be chosen for this cosmic honor.


World of Colour

At the end of the World of Colour ride, look for a solitary orange flash. This flash is supposed to represent the spirit of Walt Disney.


Left Line for the Matterhorn

If possible, try to get in the left line for The Matterhorn. Not only is that ride a little bit longer, but it also goes faster than the ride that leaves from the right line.


Stay Dry on Splash Mountain

If it’s a chilly day or you’re really not wanting to get very wet but you still can’t resist Splash Mountain (who can?), try to sit in seat 4. This seat gets very little water!


Chat with Goofy

If you spot Goofy sitting on the bench outside City Hall, sit beside him. Chances are, he’ll start having a conversation with you.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these secrets of Disneyland, and I’m really interested to see if you’ve tried any of them out - have they worked? Have you got any other secrets you’ve picked up on? Let me know in the comments!

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Disney world is waaay better in my opinion. it's my second home and favorite place on earth. and yes there are hidden mickeys throughout the park!!

which one is this ? there are 5 disneylands or more around the world

aww... Just came back from Disneyland in Hong Kong...

I've heard there are also "Hidden Mickeys" throughout the park... :)

aww, cutest secrets ever!

I want to go to Disneyland now :(

If a location isn't specified in the park name, Disneyland always means California

none of this works for sure at Disney hongkong it did not for us atleast

We have a Disneyland trip in July, so I can't wait to see/ smell/ hear all of these cute secrets! 😃

If any Toy Story characters are around, shout 'Andys coming!' and they all drop to the floor

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