9 Wondrous Natural Arches around the World ...

I find natural arches mesmerizing. Can you think of anything else in nature that actually looks like it was planned and constructed to said plan? Natural arches are formed by elements and earth movements and chemistry – all completely natural processes in the evolution of Earth, yet they also look like they have been deliberately sculpted. I love that so much! Here are some of my favorite natural arches.

1. Durdle Door, UK

I think this is the one that must have generated my passion for natural arches. I first saw this beautiful rock arch when I was a toddler. Durdle Door is located near to one of the south coast’s best beaches at Lulworth Cove. It sits on the area known as the Jurassic Coast, so-called because of the high concentration of dinosaur fossils. When you look through the archway and the sunlight is bouncing off the ocean, you can imagine it’s a gateway to another dimension.