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Why be a conventional traveler when there are so many ways to see the world? If you are looking to stray from the norm of resort vacations, road trips, organized tours or package holidays, one of these ways to see the world will surely appeal.

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Gypsy Caravan

Gypsy Caravan We all know the cliché associated with road trips – “the freedom of the open road.” The idea of putting the top down on a convertible and letting the wind in your hair is appealing, but for an entirely different pace and one of the unique ways to see the world, how about a horse dawn caravan holiday? They aren’t widely available around the world but with the options being Ireland, the English Lake District and Victoria state in Australia, that’s more than a satisfying selection. You get to plod along country lanes controlling a darling horse, pulling a traditional gypsy-style caravan. Bliss!


Camel Caravan

Camel Caravan How about heading out on a different kind of animal in a camel caravan? This is not just a ride across the beach on a humpty-backed creature, such as those in Broome Australia, but a trek through amazing Moroccan countryside on a “ship of the desert.” You’ll explore dunes and flat barren desert plains dotted with argan trees, sleeping under wide open starry skies, as you pass Berber villages while making your way to the enchanting city that inspires artists and poets, Essaouira, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Dog Sled Tour

Dog Sled Tour You don’t have to love winter sports to enjoy a snowy vacation. By day you’ll be “mushed” along through glorious winter landscapes, enjoying snowbound sights like you’ve never seen before. By night you’ll sleep in cabins or tents. You’ll learn some basic handling techniques to even get your own chance to drive the sled. Dog sledding tours obviously happen in the snowy north so look to Alaska, Sweden, Lapland and Canada, but you’ll find them in California and Minnesota too.


Freighter Cruise

Freighter Cruise I keep promising myself that I will write my book one day and I think I have found out where I want to do it. I know that cruising has rapidly gained in popularity as a vacation type but I only heard of freighter cruising recently. Let’s not pretend they are anything alike. There is a vast difference between a modern day cruise liner and freight/cargo ship. If you are looking for different ways to see the world, however, the freighter cruise certainly offers something. Passenger lists are minimal, facilities are far from luxurious and entertainment minimal. Ports of call, however, are the trump card, and the peace and quiet of being on the ocean.


Cast Away

Cast Away Many of us dream of lying on a beach on a desert island but without the scariness of being marooned as a castaway. But, if you know you can be dropped off and picked up again to return to civilization, it becomes an enchanting proposition. Tour operators are offering two levels of the desert island experience. You can go all castaway with no facilities on wild, remote islands, or you can be a bit more “survivorish,” with islands with amenities (like bathrooms and roofs). Feel like getting “Lost”?

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Go Norry!

Go Norry! There’s nothing like a travel experience that puts you in the heart of a country, its people and its culture. If you want to forego any semblance of the sanitized organized package, try norry riding in Cambodia. What’s a Norry? Essentially, it’s a bamboo platform strapped to axles that ride the rails. They are unofficial and unregulated and their “drivers” hurtle them around the countryside between small country villages and major towns. If you don’t mind a spoonful of risk and a bowlful of adventure, it’s a unique way to immerse yourself in Cambodia.


Magical Mystery Tour

Magical Mystery Tour Do you suffer from the problem of not being able to decide where to go on vacation? Why not let someone decide for you? Magical-mystery-tours.com will do exactly that. They provide you with a questionnaire and based on your answers, they will organize your next adventure for you. You won’t know where you’re going until you arrive at the airport/railway station/bus terminal and you open your envelope containing your travel plans.

There are ways to see the world to suit all types of traveler and to suit all budgets. The next time you’re planning a vacation will you look outside the travel agent’s box?

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