7 Ways to See the World from a Different Angle ...

Why be a conventional traveler when there are so many ways to see the world? If you are looking to stray from the norm of resort vacations, road trips, organized tours or package holidays, one of these ways to see the world will surely appeal.

1. Gypsy Caravan

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We all know the cliché associated with road trips – “the freedom of the open road.” The idea of putting the top down on a convertible and letting the wind in your hair is appealing, but for an entirely different pace and one of the unique ways to see the world, how about a horse dawn caravan holiday? They aren’t widely available around the world but with the options being Ireland, the English Lake District and Victoria state in Australia, that’s more than a satisfying selection. You get to plod along country lanes controlling a darling horse, pulling a traditional gypsy-style caravan. Bliss!

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